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    21 Ways To Be A Better Adult In July

    Skills, ideas, and products to help you have a non-bummer summer.

    1. Harness the summer memories of your childhood, but give them a grown-up spin by baking boozy ice pops in your very own zip-top pouches.

    2. Want to start building credit but don't know what credit card to get? Nerd Wallet will help you narrow down the options to find the best fit for you.

    3. Swap out your standard beach towel for the Tillow; it has a built-in contoured foam pillow so you can relax comfortably all day.

    4. Pop on a quick-drying cap to shield your face and help wick away sweat — the fabric even contains SPF 50.

    5. And learn your shit when it comes to SPF, so you always buy the right sunscreen and reapply at the right time.

    6. And opt for a grown-up facial sunscreen with an oil-free formula that'll actually feel good on your skin (and won't make you break out). Wear it every day.

    7. If (ok, when) you do get a little burnt, soothe it with frozen aloe vera gel you can make right in an ice tray.

    8. Live your best life (and save money) by packing an amazing picnic lunch on beach or park outings. This insulated basket will keep your food at the right temperature and includes two full sets of utensils.

    9. Change up your sad desk lunch with a recipe book chock full of delicious ideas including bagels, flatbreads, toasties, and wraps.

    10. Get road-trip ready with a backseat organizer to hold enough snacks, beverages, and supplies for all of your college friends.

    11. Going to a party and not sure what wine to bring? Check out Amazon wine for lots of deals and tons of reviews.

    12. Install a safety outlet that plugs right into your wall and automatically shuts off any device after 30 minutes.

    13. Add a not-too-big fire pit to your backyard so you can have s'mores any time you please.

    14. Hand wash your delicates like a pro in a basin with a built-in washboard; no more destroying your favorite undies, tights or dresses in the washing machine.

    15. Solve your bare cupboard/fridge dinner problems with SuperCook, a website that suggests recipes when you plug in all the ingredients you have.

    16. Hang a magnetic organizer near your front door so even the most disorganized family members or roommates always know where their mail and keys are.

    17. If you're one of those people who isn't moved by ~traditional~ organization systems/books, try Unfuck Your Habitat, which offers practical and no-nonsense advice you can actually get done in your busy, busy life.

    18. Light a mosquito-repelling citronella candle that ~also~ looks elegant AF for your backyard soiree or porch party.

    19. Save $$$ on air conditioning and try a tower fan with a programmable thermostat that actually blows *cool* air.

    20. Stay hydrated like a champ with a pretty water bottle that keeps your water cold forrrreeeeeeeverrrrrr*.

    21. Upgrade your beach vacation (or just turn off Netflix for a few hours) and pick up a summer read you're sure to enjoy.

    Maybe pick a more light-hearted read than Don Draper.