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    Posted on 12 Jul 2017

    Literally Just 19 Tweets You'll Find Funny If You've Ever Had A Mum

    If your ma doesn't scroll this post with her index finger, is she really your ma?


    me: I wanna move to another city as far away as possible. me when I don’t seen my mom for a week:


    Most conversations with moms start with, "Did you read that article I sent you?"


    If u don't fall out when u go shopping with ur ma is she even ur ma


    When your mom call your name and you respond "what" and she don't answer back because she want you to go to her but…


    Nobody gas you up like yo mama Facebook friends 😩


    when you wanna ask your mom for money you be in her room acting like you care about what she watching on tv like th…


    my mom is a mixture between a cool mom & a strict mom she switches it up everydayyyy



    *driving with my mom in the car* Me: *goes 1 mph over the speed limit* My mom:


    *shows parents a funny meme* parents: who is that? is that ur friend? do you go to school w/ them? do you love this shit? are you high rn?


    when your mom is yelling at your brother and you know you're next


    Sure my mom birthed & raised me, but I've had to explain how to check her email 95,000 times, so let's just call it even.


    When your mom gets home and you realize you forgot to take the chicken out the freezer


    Is your mom even your mom if she doesn't walk into your room to stare at u, then walk away



    My mum could tell me the most irrelevant shite ever and still end the news with "don't be putting that on Facebook or anything"


    When your mum's mate comes round and brings her kid you don't know.


    Am I the only one who's mom find outs everything? Like I could run a stop sign and get a txt from my mom saying "why didn't you stop?????"


    When your dad tells you to come home vs When your mom tells you to come home

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