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    Posted on Jul 12, 2017

    People Loved This Celeb Dad's Response To Gender Stereotyping

    This is the definition of dad goals.

    McFly drummer Harry Judd is one devoted dad to his 1-year-old daughter Lola.

    Seriously, they're adorable.

    And yesterday Harry proved yet again that he's official #DadGoals after telling his followers about overhearing another dad making a sexist comment.

    Writing on Instagram, Harry said:

    Mummy's away today so we've had some daddy daughter time. Overheard some guy telling his son to stop screaming like a girl. A comment I'd never given a second thought until today. Then he said it again: "Stop screaming like a girl!"

    Harry revealed that he's already thinking of how he'll respond to gendered comments when Lola is old enough to understand and question them.

    All I could think was what will Lola say when she understands what he said? Probably, "What's wrong with screaming like a girl, Daddy?

    And he's prepared the perfect response.

    I'll tell her that there's nothing wrong with screaming like a girl, and that it's actually a compliment because girls are awesome.

    Many parents shared their own experiences of gender stereotyping underneath his post.

    And many, many others said the comment was "parenting goals".

    While others thanked Harry for speaking out.

    Go Harry. 🙏

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