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Bollywood Is Making More Women-Led Films, So Why Are Men Singing Most Of The Songs In Them?

Between 2000 and 2017, not much seems to have changed.

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Last month, Film Companion spoke to some top Bollywood female playback singers, and asked them why Arijit Singh has been ruling the airwaves while there haven't been as many famous female voices.


It's great that female actors are getting meatier roles, but it's sad to know that men still get to voice their thoughts in song, thus not allowing women to control their own narratives.


We also need to address the fact that while the growing opportunities for female actors to shine are wonderful for all of us, they don't seem to have trickled down to playback singing as much.

I looked back at the last 17 years to see how many songs female playback singers actually got in women-led films. There have been a few terrible examples to prove the point:


However, there have also been some stellar examples worth following, like these: