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    Just 17 Slightly Strange Animals I Thought You Should Know About

    Don't thank me, thank nature.

    1. Dugong

    Flickr: 38504374@N02 / Creative Commons

    Imagine having the privilege of this guy vacuuming your living room carpet – he'd do a great job, as I'm sure the ocean floor can attest to.

    2. Shoebill

    Flickr: evanblaser / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 30478819@N08 / Creative Commons

    Are they pretending to smile after hearing a bad joke or plotting an evil scheme? Either way, I want to be involved.

    3. Okapi

    Flickr: frank-wouters / Creative Commons

    The Okapi looks like a couple of animals have been stitched together, the result of which was a super-adorable animal, greater than the sum of its parts.

    4. Hummingbird hawk-moth

    Flickr: kaibara / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 128038516@N08 / Creative Commons

    Are they a bird or a moth? Science says a moth, but I'm still not fully convinced tbh.

    5. Ankole-Watusi

    Flickr: 56509109@N04 / Creative Commons

    Now those are some serious horns – you could hang an entire wash out to dry on those things, easily.

    6. Markhor

    Flickr: guppiecat / Creative Commons
    Flickr: ekilby / Creative Commons

    Why have straight horns when you can have fancy, twirly ones? I'm starting a petition stating that the markhor should replace reindeers as the official animal of Christmas.

    7. Axolotl

    Flickr: 49115750@N00 / Creative Commons

    Lakes are a strange, strange place, and that's all I have to say on the matter.

    8. Galago

    Flickr: berniedup / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 128578170@N06 / Creative Commons

    Oh wow, those are some super-big eyes. Can you imagine how much bigger they must get when she's surprised? I can't.

    9. Fennec fox

    Flickr: wcdumonts / Creative Commons

    This animal easily wins the award for the most adorable creature in the universe. Give her the crown.

    10. Silkie chicken

    Flickr: robynanderson / Creative Commons

    Another animal from the genre of extra fluff equals extra cuteness.

    11. Frilled-neck lizard

    Hang on a second, didn't this guy have a cameo in Jurassic Park? That frilly neck collar made of skin looks like it would be useful for stopping crumbs spilling down his lap.

    12. Arctic hare

    Flickr: huntfiona / Creative Commons

    Hey, I nearly missed seeing you there, but I'm so glad that I didn't. Normal rabbits or hares are 10/10 on the cuteness scale, but Arctic ones are a solid 11/10.

    13. Elephant shrew

    Flickr: blacktigersdream / Creative Commons

    The elephant shrew is basically a Pixar character wished into existence. Just look at those cute lil' eyes!

    14. Kakapo

    Flickr: docnz / Creative Commons

    A kakapo is like a standard parrot, but without the sass. However, if they could talk, I'm sure they'd speak in soothing poems about how great berries are.

    15. Purple frog

    This amphibian is basically a sentient blob. A big, squishy, and beautiful sentient blob.

    16. Snub-nosed monkey

    Flickr: jackhynes / creative Commons
    Flickr: giovannimari / Creative Commons

    Why does this monkey look so sad? If I could I'd invite the entire species over for afternoon tea and tell them how beautiful and wholesome they look.

    17. Red-lipped batfish

    Flickr: reinketelaars / Creative Commons

    I'd follow this fish's Instagram account in a heartbeat. Seriously, where's the link to their YouTube makeup tutorials?

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