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    OMG, You Need To See Chrissy Teigen's Hilarious Reply To Eric Trump On Twitter

    Queen of Twitter.

    This is Chrissy Teigen: international model, mother of Luna, and Vita Coco spokeswoman (LOL).

    You probably know this already but...Chrissy is pretty politically outspoken on Twitter.

    can u guys feel it? america is great again all of a sudden it's so weird. he was right!

    When it comes to the Trump administration, she doesn't hold back.

    In addition to all that information, it's important to know that a lot of people on the internet think Eric Trump, the president's son, looks like a vampire.

    Adding Eric Trump to Twilight photos is the only thing that soothes me

    Like, it's basically a meme.

    Eric Trump looks like a shitty vampire. Like he'd be selling ecstasy in Prague in the background of a Blade movie.

    So when Eric Trump tweeted in support of his brother Donald Jr. (you may have heard his name in the news this week)...

    ...Chrissy was quick to respond with her trademark wit:

    @EricTrump What happens when you see garlic

    Never change, Chrissy. Never change.


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