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    Posted on 12 Jul 2017

    Australia's Prime Minister Met The Queen And It Looked A Tad Awkward

    "Although I am a republican, I am also an Elizabethan." Okeh.

    Australia's prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has ended his overseas trip to Europe with a visit to the Queen. And it looked like a real rager of a meeting.

    Victoria Jones / AFP / Getty Images

    Speculation was rife on what the two could possibly have been discussing.

    Malcolm Turnbull met the Queen in London overnight however it is not yet clear what the two discussed. #sun7

    The "heatwave" in England? How much milk to put in a cup of tea?

    Thankfully, I obtained an excerpt of the transcript*.


    *Note: This was not a real transcript.

    After the meet and greet, Turnbull was quick to point out though while he is a republican, he's also an "Elizabethan".


    "Even republicans like myself can be, and in my case are, very strong Elizabethans," he said.

    And just in case we didn't get it the first time, he also posted it on Twitter.

    Although I am a Republican, I am also an Elizabethan. It was an honour to meet Her Majesty today at Buckingham Pala…

    "Seriously guys. Trust me."

    However, there was no word on whether Turnbull performed his Donald Trump impersonation for the Queen.


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