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    The Internet Has Cast Tracee Ellis Ross As Ms. Frizzle And It's Too Perfect

    Yes, please.

    This is Ms. Frizzle, from The Magic School Bus. If you went to elementary school in the '90s or '00s, she probably taught you a thing or two about science.

    And this is Tracee Ellis Ross. She's an Emmy-nominated actor and producer. She also just happens to be one of the most naturally likable people on the planet.

    Well, the internet has decided that Tracee should play Ms. Frizzle, and while it's all just ~fantasy casting~ for now, someone seriously needs to make it happen today. I mean, please just take a moment to appreciate the SHEER PERFECTION of this:

    Look, @TraceeEllisRoss is the Ms. Frizzle we deserve. 🚀✨🚀

    The idea was originally conceived by Josh Gwynn, back in May.

    You can't tell me Tracee Ellis Ross wouldn't be the best live action Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.

    And people seriously loved Josh's concept.

    @YaniiiLee @RegardingJosh We need to get this written out

    You know you wanna see Tracee hanging out with the class chameleon, Liz:

    @RegardingJosh ✨🚌 ✨ we gotta make this happen!

    Like, it's actually an extremely good idea.

    No g but I dead ass need Tracee Ellis Ross to be Ms. Frizzle. W that red hair and them highlights?! I need it yesterday.

    And hey, the internet has made these things a reality before, like that Lupita/Rihanna movie that was originally conceived on Twitter.

    ok so make this happen like y'all did with the rihanna/lupita thing. gon head get that fan art poppin

    Someone call Netflix, stat.