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The 29 Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time

From the the catchphrases, notable jingles, and memorable moments.

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These cartoon characters scream Black excellence, so here are the best black cartoon characters to ever be created:

1. Huey and Riley Freeman

2. Frozone

3. Numbah Five

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Cartoon Network / Via youtube.com

Show: Codename: Kids Next Door

Numbah 5 is the cool kid and the smartest and second in command at Sector V.

For some reason, I love when characters talk in the third person, and when Numbuh 5 calls herself "Numbuh 5," I love it every time.

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4. Penny Proud

5. Susie Carmichael

6. Gerald Johanssen

7. Fillmore

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Disney / Via m.youtube.com

Show: Fillmore!

Fillmore is a former delinquent turned Safety Patrol Officer. At the age of 13, he has the talent of kung fu, mini golf, and Chinese finger trap mastery.

8. Princess Tiana

9. Garnet

10. Missy

11. Suga Mama

12. Miles Morales

13. Keesha Franklin

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Netflix / Via m.youtube.com

Show: The Magic School Bus

Keesha always has a plan! Keesha's only about the "facts" and is the most skeptical member of the magic school bus gang! 

14. Black Panther

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Marvel / Via m.youtube.com

Show: Black Panther

T'Challa we all know was wonderfully played by Chadwick Boseman on film, but before that, Stan Lee wrote the Black Panther cartoon character. T'Challa is a member of the African royal family of the fictional country of Wakanda.

15. Cleveland Brown

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Hulu / Via m.youtube.com

Show: The Cleveland Show

Who would have thought Cleveland would have been the character on Family Guy to get a spinoff? Cleveland and his family killed it, and I love seeing a Black cartoon family that jokes as much as they do.

16. Jodie Landon

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MTV / Via youtube.com

Show: Daria

I relate to Jodie so much. She's popular despite being very introverted. She's usually always giving advice and being the voice of reason.

17. Cyborg

18. Black Dynamite

19. Valerie Gray

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Nick / Via m.youtube.com

Show: Danny Phantom

Valerie Gray is the biggest frenemy of Danny Phantom. She's a crazy ghost-catcher! When she has her sights set on a catch, she does whatever it takes, and that persistence makes her character exciting.

20. Mr. T

21. Virgil Hawkins

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DC / Via youtube.com

Show: Static Shock

Virgil is a young teenager who gains powers and vows to stop evil in his city. The show was only on for four years and deserves a reboot.

22. Rallo Tubbs-Brown

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Hulu / Via youtube.com

Show: The Cleveland Show

Rallo in many ways acts like Stewie Griffin if he was African American. Rallo is a very aggressive 5-year-old compared to Little Bill beforehand. Rallo is transitioning into growing a relationship with Cleveland and Cleveland Jr.

23. Oscar Proud

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Disney / Via youtube.com

Show: The Proud Family

Oscar Proud is one of the best dads in Black cartoon history. Oscar owns Proud Snacks and is always part of a get-rich-quick scheme. He takes care of his kids and wife, and is a great family man.

24. Trixie Carter

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Disney / Via youtube.com

Show: American Dragon: Jake Long

This list has a couple of tomboys, but Trixie might be the sassiest of them all. As the only female friend in her group, she's the rock. She keeps Jake Long and Spud's secrets to herself, and in the end, proves to be loyal.

25. Monique

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Disney / Via youtube.com

Show: Kim Possible

Monique is HER! Monique is Kim Possible's bestie. Raven-Symoné voices Monique, which is iconic in itself.

26. Joe Gardner

27. Piccolo

28. Fat Albert

29. Storm/Ororo Munroe

Any characters you love not on the list? Let me know below.

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