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    24 Problems Every Girl With Thick Hair Has Gone Through At Some Point

    Flimsy hair ties are no match for your ridiculously thick mane.

    1. Every day of your life, you have to decide if you want to wash your hair or if you want to get anything else done that day.

    2. You have to get up unfairly early in the morning so that there's enough time to style it.

    3. Or else you have to style it at night, while all the people with non-thick hair get to do cool stuff, like play laser tag or something.

    4. You go through conditioner like crazy, and it always seems like you JUST started that bottle.

    5. You shed tons of hair in the bathroom—and everywhere else, for that matter.

    6. And when you clean up, you gather enough hair that you could make an entirely new person.

    7. Broken brushes are a completely normal part of your day-to-day life.

    8. Blowdrying your hair takes FOR-EVER. FOR-EVER. FOR-EVER.

    9. But air drying takes even longer, and usually just leaves you with wet hair all damn day.

    10. Although sometimes your hair won't won't cooperate no matter what.

    11. People often don't realize you got a haircut, because the stylist can cut off a lot of your hair without making it that much shorter.

    12. Which is necessary, because if you just let your hair grow out, it seems to grow in a triangle shape.

    13. And you can't cut your hair short hair, either, because it'll just pouf straight out.

    14. Dyeing your hair always means buying at least two boxes of hair dye, or else spending an entire day at the salon.

    15. Curling your hair takes so long that you need to develop strategies to make it easier on yourself.

    16. And straightening your hair takes just as long, as you pile all your hair on top of your head and straighten one tiny section at a time.

    17. Wearing your hair down in the summer only guarantees that you'll get a sweaty neck.

    18. So you're constantly pulling your hair up into an improvised updo.

    19. You usually end up just creating a very messy bun, because your thick hair refuses to do any intricate updo styles.

    20. Which means you go through an insane number of hair ties.

    21. Because, of course, they're no match for your intensely thick hair.

    22. It also takes an ungodly number of bobby pins to keep your mane tamed.

    23. But you have to be careful not to style it too tightly, or you'll end up with a headache.

    24. And even when you make it through the whole day with your thick hair problems, you know you'll have to do it all over again tomorrow. Yay?