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31 Cats Who Are Probably More Outdoorsy Than You

Exploring the great me-outdoors.

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1. This cat who loves backpacking.

Instagram: @sukiicat

2. This cat enjoying the view from the tent.

Instagram: @nikitaritamonster

3. And this one staying out of the rain.

Instagram: @jerupes

4. This fluffy cat that's pretty much camouflaged.

Instagram: @shannonkirk

5. This Siamese finding out that snow is cold.

Instagram: @benji_siamese

6. This orange cat chilling in a hammock.

Instagram: @wilderness

8. This cat who, according to the Instagram caption, spent three days (!!!) in the wilderness.

Instagram: @mrsmiles1988

9. This cat who found the best spot at the campsite.

Instagram: @yarser

10. This cat who wants to take the wheel.

Instagram: @jaun

12. This cat dipping its toes in the water.

Instagram: @jaun

13. This little kitty just trying to help zip up the tent.

Instagram: @jen_herr_

14. This cat who wants to be a mountain lion when they grow up.

Instagram: @baloo_you_up

15. This cat just snoozin' by a mountain lake.

Instagram: @burmaadventurecat

17. This fluffy cat who's not quite sure about the kayak.

Instagram: @twentyseven

18. This orange cat reflecting in the outdoors.

Instagram: @backtonaturewithleoandchurro

20. This mighty warrior preparing for the hunt.

Instagram: @michelleadams_meeshink

21. This tabby taking in Lake Tahoe.

Instagram: @scout_n_company

22. This cat who has seen some things.

Instagram: @twentyseven

23. This Bengal who lives for the night.

Instagram: @aurorathebengal

24. This cat who's most comfortable outside.

Instagram: @gpthetortie

26. This cat who better not see any horses on the trail!

Instagram: @jasper_the_adventurecat

27. This cat who wants you to hurry up.

Instagram: @theadventures_of_us

28. This cat pondering the immense beauty of nature.

Instagram: @adventurecatslove

29. This orange cat embarking into the unknown.

Instagram: @adventurecatnala

30. This cat who loves spelunking.

Instagram: @dakinekitty

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