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    Posted on Jul 12, 2017

    31 Cats Who Are Probably More Outdoorsy Than You

    Exploring the great me-outdoors.

    1. This cat who loves backpacking.

    2. This cat enjoying the view from the tent.

    3. And this one staying out of the rain.

    4. This fluffy cat that's pretty much camouflaged.

    5. This Siamese finding out that snow is cold.

    6. This orange cat chilling in a hammock.

    7. This cat scouting the trail ahead.

    8. This cat who, according to the Instagram caption, spent three days (!!!) in the wilderness.

    9. This cat who found the best spot at the campsite.

    10. This cat who wants to take the wheel.

    11. This tree hugger.

    12. This cat dipping its toes in the water.

    13. This little kitty just trying to help zip up the tent.

    14. This cat who wants to be a mountain lion when they grow up.

    15. This cat just snoozin' by a mountain lake.

    16. This blue-eyed beauty.

    17. This fluffy cat who's not quite sure about the kayak.

    18. This orange cat reflecting in the outdoors.

    19. This beach bum.

    20. This mighty warrior preparing for the hunt.

    21. This tabby taking in Lake Tahoe.

    22. This cat who has seen some things.

    23. This Bengal who lives for the night.

    24. This cat who's most comfortable outside.

    25. This skipper.

    26. This cat who better not see any horses on the trail!

    27. This cat who wants you to hurry up.

    28. This cat pondering the immense beauty of nature.

    29. This orange cat embarking into the unknown.

    30. This cat who loves spelunking.

    31. This kitten who can't be stopped.

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