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15 Guys Disney Should Actually Cast As Aladdin

A list of snacks.

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Word on the street is, Disney is having a hard time finding someone to play the role of Aladdin in its upcoming live-action production.

Now, I am certainly no casting expert, but it wasn't too hard for me to find 15 men who could definitely play the part.

Based on looks, of course.


2. Azhar S.

This South African model can rub my genie bottle any day.

3. Shekib Samimi

Shekib is a high-fashion model in Norway who needs to fly over to America and audition ASAP.


7. Udi Karni

Facebook: udi.karni.77

Model and track athlete by day, Aladdin on a flying carpet by night.

8. Ahmed Al Zabedy

It's hard to imagine this sharp model transforming into a street hustler, but he for sure can play the part of a prince.


9. Arian Ney

Arian is a Persian/German social media influencer and also the youngest on this list — even more of a reason for him to play the young role of Aladdin.

10. Dana Mashalahpoor

This model has Aladdin written all over him. WAKE UP, DISNEY.

11. Sam Ajdani

In my opinion, this model is an exact replica of Aladdin himself.


14. Abdel Abdelkader

Abdel is a CEO, model, photographer, and athlete. Would it hurt to add "actor" to his bio as well?


Hamid Fadaei's name was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.