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    22 Experiences That People Who Move From The Country To The City Face

    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

    1. Say goodbye to personal space...

    Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via

    Be prepared to seriously reduce your buffer zone. And still have it be invaded.

    2. ...and hello to people EVERYWHERE.

    Universal TV / The Office / Via

    And they're all wearing suits?? Shit's so fancy.

    3. There's a lot more traffic.

    20th Century Fox / The Simpsons / Via

    And by a lot more, I mean more than one tractor.

    4. Trying to park is literally hell...

    Even if you do find a park, do you really wanna pay $20 an hour for it?

    5. ...So you decide to try your luck with public transport.

    Universal TV / The Office / Via

    Spoiler alert: It's confusing AF.

    6. There are always so many people lining up for the bus.

    Mauricio Duenas / AFP / Getty Images

    Sometimes it literally wraps around the street. HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY'RE LINED UP FOR??

    7. When you're used to at least an hour-long commute, 15 minutes on the bus is nothing.

    Senor Gif / Via

    You'll probably still find a way to complain about the distance though.

    8. Your definition of "close" changes.

    Jenna Mourey / Via

    What used to mean 'within 30km' now means 'a five minute walk'.

    9. You actually walk places...

    Capital Xtra / Beyonce / Via

    There are shopping centres within walking distance. Heck, probably even two different shopping centres.

    10. ...but you walk so slow compared to everyone else.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / The Wizard Of Oz / Via

    Where are you all going that requires such a brisk stride?

    11. You have options for EVERYTHING!

    Warner Bros TV / Supernatural / Via

    Cuisines, brands, services, anything! If you want it, it's probably just around the corner.

    12. You can actually get food delivered.

    Nickelodeon / Spongebob Squarepants / Via

    This is dangerous...

    13. The price of living is so much more expensive than what you expected.

    Universal Pictures / Bridesmaids / Via

    Six dollars for one avocado? Who do you think I am?

    14. You're constantly getting lost.

    Disney / Lilo and Stitch / Via

    Trust me, Google maps will quickly become your best friend.

    15. The city lights make it so bright at night.

    20th Century Fox / Bedazzled / Via

    Goodbye darkness my old friend.

    16. You better get used to the constant noise...

    Apatow Productions / Anchorman / Via

    Thanks in part to the constant sirens.

    17. if you're trying to get to sleep? Good luck.

    Warner Bros / Looney Tunes / Via

    When you're used to complete peace at night, the transition sure is a wake-up call (haha get it).

    18. You can always find free Wi-Fi.

    Universal / The Mindy Project / Via

    Gone are the days of struggling to even find phone reception.

    19. No one has a backyard.

    Buzzfeed / Via

    At least not like the acres of green grass that you're used too.

    20. Not everyone is BFF's with their neighbours.

    20th Century Fox / The Simpsons / Via

    Might be due to the fact that they have so many.

    21. And even though you've dreamt about the city for so long...

    Tumblr / Via

    22. ...there's always something about country life that you'll miss.

    We Heart It / Via

    It's probably not the constant smell of horse shit though.

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