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Chrissy Teigen Does Not Want You To Scoop Her Ice Cream Into The Shape Of A Rose

"Just fucking scoop the ice cream."

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So, everyone knows that the internet is pretty much only good for two things: videos of food and Chrissy Teigen's Twitter.

It all started yesterday, when a Twitter account called DIY Foods posted a video of ice cream being scooped into the shape of a rose. The process is mesmerizing, but definitely a little time-consuming.


And Chrissy Teigen — always the voice of the people — was simply not here for the flower-shaped dessert.

Oh jfc just fucking scoop the ice cream

Many Twitter users wholeheartedly agreed with Chrissy's assessment.

@chrissyteigen I'd snatch it out his hands at the second petal. #GimmeDatFool it's hot

@IamIanJacob No doubt it looks good af, but I think the Rose is excessive especially if you're gonna cover it with…


While others were firmly Team Rose Ice Cream.

@chrissyteigen Let ppl enjoy things

@chrissyteigen A flower shaped ice cream with hot waffle and honey is a dream come true .

This morning, Mashable posted an article about Chrissy Teigen's ice cream tweet, and Chrissy didn't quite understand why.

And to all you rose-shaped ice cream fans out there, LEAVE CHRISSY ALONE!

@samhaysom @mashable rose ice cream fans are dragging me plz help

  1. Are you down with ice cream shaped like a rose?

    Are you down with ice cream shaped like a rose?
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    Nah, waste of time.
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