Do You Know The Color Palette Of Your Life?

    Every Instagram account has a different color. What's yours?

    Accept it... your Instagram account is one of the things you value most in your life.

    And each photo is selected carefully to add to the bigger aesthetic statement that is your grid. It's like you're a modern day Impressionist painter, really.

    Well, now you can go to, enter your Instagram username, and figure out what palette your account is.

    The more colorful your Instagram, the flashier your palette will be:

    Each palette is personal.

    And it depends 100% on the colors you choose in your photos, which can actually say a lot about you.

    It will actually tell you the overall color of your account as well...

    ...for example, @grand_chamaco here has a crimson Instagram account.

    ColorKuler doesn't care you who are. It doesn't care what you're about. It just wants you to know what your color palette is, regardless of how monochromatic it might be.

    People online are starting to discover ColorKuler, and while some of them are loving their results...

    @colorkuler Yasssss and I'm loving it

    ...others are less than thrilled.

    Because honestly? It's sort of like a window into the soul.

    When your Instagram color palette is as monotone as your heart. #colorkuler #colorpalette

    And your not just limited to your own account. You can see the color palettes of all your favorite celebs too.

    Drake's account, for example, has a particular palette that's subdued, but with brilliant flashes of color:

    And Beyoncé's is probably more neutral than you'd expect:

    And Kim Kardashian's reflects her love of selfies.

    Go find your color palette, then post about it on Instagram, of course.

    This post was translated from Spanish.