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    Posted on 12 Jul 2017

    21 Things Only Kids Who Have Grown Up In A Stepfamily Will Understand

    "What am I even supposed to call you?"

    1. Your mum or dad starts hanging out with someone new.

    Tristar Pictures / Via

    It might be someone you know or have never seen but regardless, it's weird...

    2. You're sat down for "a chat" and your thoughts and fears are confirmed....

    Universal Pictures / Via

    *insert Jaws theme here*


    Universal Pictures / Via


    4. Visits increase from day trips to overnight stays.

    TV Land / Via

    They're at the house more than you are!

    5. At first, you're dismissive...

    STARZ / Via

    6. ...and they're awkward to be around.

    Instagram: @itsdyo / Via

    Stop trying so hard to make me like you...

    7. But because you're a nice person, you decide to give them a chance.

    Warner Bros / Via

    What's the worst that could happen?

    8. Soon enough, you start to see what they're really like.

    Paramount Television / Via

    You realise you have more in common than you originally thought.

    9. And it turns out they aren't that bad, and you give them your seal of approval.

    Paramount Comedy Channel / Via

    You may even start confiding in them.

    10. Just as you're getting to like them they reveal THEY have kids. / Via

    Wait, there's more?!

    11. Meanwhile, you're still trying to work out WTF to call this person.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    "Stepparent" doesn't seem to roll off the tongue.

    12. Before you know it there's a meeting of the two sides.

    AMC / Via

    Usually over your favourite meal... AS IF THAT WOULD MAKE IT EASIER!!!!

    13. Your parents automatically assume you'll get along.

    Nickleodeon / Via

    As if you get along with anyone remotely close to your age.

    14. But over time, you realise you have more in common.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    Actually they're pretty cool too.

    15. After a while you begin to worry your real mum and dad might like them more.

    Fox / Via

    And at this point who could blame them?

    16. You realise your time is spread between so many people. / Via

    Split weekends all round but somehow it all works.

    17. Then you start to meet the EXTENDED family...

    CBS / Via

    And have to remember a lot of names.

    18. ...and you realise you've underestimated how many people could be in one family.

    Wasmitfabian / Via

    Are they all related or did you just grab everyone that looked similar in the area?

    19. But they accept you with open arms.

    NBC / Via

    Many, MANY open arms.

    20. Before you know it your small family has grown... / Via

    More and more everyday.

    21. ...and you wonder what you ever did without them.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    You realise that having them in your life has made you all the better for it.

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