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    Posted on Jul 12, 2017

    Andy Serkis Read Donald Trump's Tweets In Gollum's Voice And It's Hilarious

    "What's covfefe, Precious?"

    Andy Serkis stopped by The Late Show to chat about his upcoming film War for the Planet of the Apes, which comes out this Friday.

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    Serkis, who has brought to life dynamic characters such as Gollum/Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings and the skyscraper-scaling ape in King Kong, treated viewers to a clip of him playing Caesar in the Apes series, capturing his incredible range as a performer.

    The clip, which Serkis said isn't in the movie, was used to "demonstrate performance capture for what it is, i.e. it is acting, that's all it is," he explained to host Stephen Colbert.

    While the aforementioned clip was quite impressive, Colbert requested one more thing from Serkis before he departed — that he read President Trump's tweets in the voice of his iconic LOTR character.

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    Serkis obliged and assumed the hunched position that Gollum is known for while he prepared to read some of the president's most, er, memorable tweets.
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    Scroll to the 3:40 mark for the hilarious moment.

    Serkis started with one of Trump's more recent tweets, recalling Gollum's breathy, raspy voice with ease.

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    He followed that tweet with a reading of what some might say is Trump's most perplexing (and now-deleted) tweet to date — the one about "covfefe."

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    We probably won't ever know what "covfefe" meant, but one thing's for sure: Andy Serkis is a gem.

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