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    23 Things That Only A Really Awkward Person Will Appreciate

    ::Mentally prepares five hours for small greeting:: The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. A pillow hoodie so you can nap in public without feeling the piercing of a stranger's gaze.

    2. A stress-relief toy who totally feels your pain of interacting with humans.

    3. A survival guide for those little cringeworthy hiccups, aka every moment of every day.

    4. A wall mount for your phone if you never want to leave the privacy of your toilet again.

    5. An unexpected wingman, because you've probably never been great at flirting.

    6. Some deodorizing spray if public number twos make you feel blue.

    7. A seriously irresistible pillowcase that will teach you just how beautiful pillow talk can be.

    8. A naughty cookbook so you pick up some moves while throwing down in the kitchen.

    9. A downright sexy George Costanza pin that'll teach you the art of seduction.

    10. A seductive shower curtain that will certainly make every guest feel welcome in the bathroom.

    11. A foolproof pickup line bestowed on you from the awkward queen herself.

    12. Some flasks that have you covered rain or shine when socializing becomes too much to bear.

    13. An honest label if you're frequently trying to ~patch up~ blundering moments.

    14. Some slang flash cards to help you fit in with those dang youths.

    15. An awkward turtle for you to hold as you block those humiliating late-night recollections.

    16. A scroll of Danny Devito in case you need to be reminded that your social skills are at least higher than Frank's.

    17. A magical mask for when you need a moment to discreetly hide.

    18. A Bob Ross chia pet if you're looking to grow a new pal.

    19. A card game that probably hits way too close to home.

    20. A gawky T. rex who's just waiting to grow into his arms.

    21. A realistic pillow with a non-negotiable argument.

    22. An expressive card for a heartfelt message that you couldn't put into words.

    23. A punny patch that will unfortunately probably start conversations.

    Another day, another repressed memory.

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