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    The Responses To This "DJ Name" Tweet Are The Best Thing Twitter Has To Offer

    "Your DJ name is 'DJ' + your biggest fear. Who are you?"

    Radio host Eric Alper asked a simple question on Twitter:

    Your DJ name is "DJ" + your biggest fear. Who are you?

    The game originated from Twitter user @ch000ch, who tweeted a similar joke back in 2016.

    Within 24 hours, the tweet had over 3,000 replies with people either sharing their worst fears/new DJ names or dying laughing at the results.

    Some people just went right for it:

    Others got very specific:

    @ThatEricAlper DJ Having To Talk To Strangers In Line At The Grocery Store

    And a few shared fears you didn't even know you had:

    @ThatEricAlper DJ I've Been Publicly Sharing My Spotify Activity All This Time

    There are some that go out on a limb:

    Like this one:

    @ThatEricAlper Losing The Remote While Guy's Grocery Games Is On TV

    And then there are the ones that are just Too Real™:

    @ThatEricAlper DJ Crippling Student Debt.

    But none compare to the greatest fear of all:

    @ThatEricAlper DJ Restaurant Birthday Song.

    So, what would your DJ name be?


    The concept for Alper's original tweet has been attributed to Twitter user @ch000ch.