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"Stay Woke" Was A Category On "Jeopardy" And People Are Kind Of Obsessed With It

"I'll take 'Catering to Millennials' for $800."

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Jeopardy first debuted the year my mother was born, so let's just say it's been around for a while.

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In that time, the show has tried to stay current by making pop culture references here and there, but they don't always work out as expected.

Well folks, last night was another one of those times because Jeopardy made "Stay Woke" one of its categories.

Jeopardy really has a "Stay Woke" category today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The term is often used to describe being socially/politically/culturally aware, but in this case, was apparently used literally, categorizing sleep issues and stimulants.

Wait, @Jeopardy did not just have a whole category called STAY WOKE about staying literally awake. #staywoke #soundsasleep #majormiss

At first, some people were just confused.

why the hell is "stay woke" a jeopardy category

Others were more concerned with why Trebek was wearing a hockey jersey.

Alex Trebek is wearing a jersey - what is life?

Alex Trebek saying "stay woke" while wearing a hockey jersey are things I never thought I would see. #jeopary #CanadaDay2017

But honestly, most people kind of loved it.

"Stay woke" is an actual category on jeopardy my life is so complete right now

"Stay Woke" is a category on @Jeopardy tonight... S/o to the culture! ✊🏾

Lit, indeed.

When did jeopardy become so lit? #StayWoke πŸ˜‚

stay woke is a category on jeopardy. the future is here.

We see you, Jeopardy. We see you.

Lol @Jeopardy ain't playing games

Nothing gets past us.

This week on Jeopardy. Stay Woke had a category.

I mean, except for all of those insanely hard "Daily Double" questions.

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