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15 Things You'll Understand If You've Ever Eaten At A White Friend's House

"This ice is spicy!"

1. When Mary Beth pulls out all her tricks:

#whiteculture Mary Beth went in on this 😩🙌

2. When you get to experience only the rarest of spices:

twitter: white people don't season their food. me: oh really

3. When you have to pretend you're not dying inside:

4. So you take one for the team because you're a nice, caring person:

Eating new food for the first time at your white friend's place

5. When they serve the chillest meal on the block:

white people on food network be like "chilled dihydrogen monoxide casserole 😍"

6. And sprinkle 'it with love:

"white people don't season their food"

7. When Chad adds his chef's touch:

us: "white ppl don't season their food" white ppl:

Please watch this whole thing.

8. When you take a bite and ask "Hmmm...what's in this?":

9. When they decide that eating out is the best choice:

White people be like "We got no food in the house, let's go out and eat"

10. Even if that choice is...questionable:

when white people say 'let's get mexican food' this is what they mean

11. When you wonder whether or not you can handle all that spice:

"white people cant handle spicy food" um, try again sweetie

12. When you feel someone licking your elbow mid-meal:

Going over your white friends house and you see the dogs sitting at the table #ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies

13. When they get creative with their designs:

For all the people who say that white people cant season food...explain this

14. When their parents ask if you wanna take some food home:

#GrowingUpHispanic when u @ your white friend's house & their parents ask if you want to take unseasoned food home

15. But you politely decline, thank them anyway, and go on your merry way: