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    Clothes Guys Should Never, Ever Wear On A First Date

    Ditch these and you'll be GQ in no time.

    1. Embroidered jeans.

    2. Bootcut jeans.

    3. And dad jeans.

    4. Tank tops with armholes from your shoulder to your waist.

    5. Blazers with T-shirts.

    6. Basketball jerseys.

    7. T-shirts with ironic slogans on them.

    8. Button-down vests.

    9. And while we're at it, puffer vests too.

    10. "Fancy" shirts that you only "go out" in.

    11. Cargo shorts.

    12. Board shorts.

    13. Drop-crotch pants.

    14. Pants that bunch up at the bottom, aka pants that are too long.

    15. Capris.

    16. Anything with a weed leaf on it.

    17. Fedoras.

    18. Square-toed dress shoes.

    19. Overly pointed shoes.

    20. Skater shoes.

    21. Five-finger shoes.

    22. Those flip-flops with the beer opener on the bottom.

    23. And actually, wait — no flip-flops in general.