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    23 Double-Duty Beauty Products That'll Change Your Makeup Routine

    Make your makeup *twice as nice*.

    1. An anti-aging cream that combines a hydrating moisturizer and a firming serum for lifting and tightening effects you'll actually notice.

    2. A tube of Boy Brow so you can, with *just one swipe*, thicken, fill in, and groom your eyebrows.

    3. A tinted BB cream for anyone who has no time for moisturizer AND foundation; this provides light coverage and includes ingredients like cucumber, vitamin E, and jojoba to nourish your skin.

    4. A bottle of top-rated micellar water to cleanse your skin of dirt and oil, remove even waterproof makeup, and refresh and balance your skin.

    5. A strengthening two-in-one base and top coat, because you already have enough bottles of nail polish to store.

    6. A rosemary-infused setting spray to make your makeup last all damn day AND provide a final dose of SPF 50 so you can have peace of mind in the sun.

    7. A tin of Rosebud salve that'll prove its cult status immediately. Just swipe it on your lips, cuticles, elbows, or any other dry patches and watch the magic happen.

    8. A double-ended brow product with pencil on one end for filling in and a highlighter on the other for the perfect arch.

    9. A natural-looking concealer formulated with blemish-clearing salicylic acid, meaning it'll work twice has hard as the regular stuff.

    10. A long-lasting moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen and contains antioxidants and vitamins to protect your sun from any damage.

    11. A mirrored compact filled with a creamy lip and cheek tint perfect for tossing in your purse.

    12. A moisturizing primer that'll cut down your getting-ready time in the morning; it hydrates skin while evening it out to create the perfect canvas for whatever makeup you choose.

    13. A two-in-one multi-masking jar with a clay mask to detoxify and purify and a gold gel mask to hydrate and firm, so you don't have to buy eight different jars to get the best skin of your life.

    14. A multipurpose lip and cheek stick that has buildable coverage you can use as a flush of sheer color or amped up for a rosy glow.

    15. A pigmented and precise liquid liner with a built-in serum to boost lashes and help them grow fuller and longer.

    16. A clay and activated charcoal product you can use as both a daily cleanser (rinse it right off) or a deep mask (let dry for five minutes, then rinse) to clear out your pores and keep your skin clear and fresh.

    17. A creamy and long-lasting kajal eyeliner with a smudge brush on the other end so you can use it for both liner and smokey shadow looks.

    18. A portable shaving kit that won't leave you hanging with stray hairs; it comes with two razor blades, a moisturizing bar, and a spritz bottle of water for an irritation-free shave on the go.

    19. A leeeeeeengthening mascara with a regular wand, *plus* a built-in comb to make sure that you have lashes for days with ZERO clumps.

    20. A mega-pigmented highlighter kit that doubles as a shimmery neutral eyeshadow palette.

    21. A half contour, half highlight stick to make sculpting your face as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    22. A perfectly pink duo, comprised of a highlighter and blush, for a healthy and rosy glow in all the right places.

    23. A Shea butter-enriched double-ended lipstick, because you can't just limit yourself to one shade at a time.

    Change your lipstick, then go change the world.