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17 Phrases All Gay Men LOOOOOVE To Hear

Really, the more often, the better.

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2. "But you're not effeminate at all."

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I guess I missed the lesson where they taught us that all gay men HAVE to be effeminate. I suppose I also missed the one where they said there's something wrong with that.

3. "So, do you dress like a woman?"


How did you know?! Because I'm a man who likes other men, I must automatically have a passionate desire to wear bralettes, right? As far as I know, what you wear has nothing to do with your sexual preferences.


12. "You must love Lady Gaga/Britney/Beyoncé/Madonna."


Actually, yes! When you come out of the closet, you're automatically enrolled in their fan clubs, and you get a free rainbow thong.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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