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Avocado Oreos Are A Thing Now, So If You'll Excuse Me I Have To Go Leave The Planet

So this is how the world ends.

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The flavor was made as part of their #MyOreoCreation contest, where Oreo fans can suggest flavor ideas and apparently test the boundaries of acceptable human behavior. The contest is still ongoing, but Oreo made a few batches of the frontrunners so far. And, well, here we are now:


The good news is, there's still hope: So far, the test batches have only been sent to people who suggested the flavors. Like this guy, who submitted the much more reasonable idea of Glazed Donut Oreos.

When @Oreos hits you up with your dream flavor 🍩🍪

My point is, we still have time to stop this. Call your senators. Write your congressmen. Go on a hunger strike. Form a human chain around the Nabisco headquarters. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STOP AVOCADO OREOS FOREVER.