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30 Annoying Things From "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" That I'm Still Mad About

Rahul is the fucking worst.

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1. When Tina leaves behind eight letters for her daughter, one for each birthday, till she turns eight, expecting her daughter to start reading from the age of one.

2. When Rahul reacts to the news of Tina's imminent death due to childbirth by repeatedly telling her "tum bahut buri ho". Dude, she's dying. Give her a damn break.

3. When 8-year-old Anjali plans to meet her dad but he makes her wait for two hours ALL BY HERSELF, while no adult is accompanying her. Why isn't a single fuck given about this kid's safety?

25. When Rahul, the man who reiterates several times during the course of the movie that he will never love again or remarry, does this seductive dance routine with Anjali.

Dharma Productions

"Hum pyaar sirf ek baar karte hain. Shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai. Par inappropriate sexual advances, wo har roz hote hai."

27. When Rahul pretends like everything is A-OK after finding out about Anjali and Aman's engagement, thus letting Anjali believe that he doesn't love her. Grow a fucken spine, Rahul.

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