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    This Watermelon Grill Will Add An Adorable Touch To Your Summer Cookout

    How do you take your blueberries?

    How To Make A Grill Out Of A Watermelon

    Watch how to make it here:

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    1 watermelon

    3 stalks celery, cut into 6-inch pieces

    Half a lime

    Assorted fruit


    1. Using a melon baller or half teaspoon, make three divots in the bottom of the watermelon that are slightly smaller than the circumference of the celery stalks.

    2. Cut the watermelon in half, with the bottom side of the “grill” being slightly larger than the “lid” side.

    3. Hollow out the watermelon halves using either a melon baller or spoon. Save the pieces for the fruit skewers.

    4. Insert the celery into each divot on the bottom half of the watermelon and secure with a toothpick if needed.

    5. Insert 3 wooden skewers into the watermelon half along its top edge to start assembling the “grill”, spacing about ½-inch apart. Cut the skewers as needed.

    6. Fill the grill with blackberries, which will act as your charcoal.

    7. Finish inserting the rest of the skewers to complete the bottom half of the grill.

    8. Take the hollowed top half of the watermelon and toothpick a lime half to make the grill lid.

    9. Add two skewers into the rim of the bottom half of the watermelon so that the lid can rest on it.

    10. Assemble your fruit skewers and get “grilling”!

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