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May 19, 2014

Mad Men: “It’s Nice To See Family Happiness Again”

You can choose your friends but not your family, wrote Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird; it’s a sentiment that carries through last night’s Mad Men, though it has a twist, because in a time in which the standard definitions of family begin to… Last night’s…

Thailand's Army Declares Martial Law

The announcement by the Thai army came before dawn Tuesday in a surprise move as the country's political crisis continues.

Head Of Moldova's Largest Pro-Europe Party Seeks Help From U.S.

The post-Soviet country looks westward after Russia's gamble in Ukraine.

Obamacare Enrollment For Uninsured Is Low, Survey Shows

Though enrollment has increased, the Affordable Care Act did not serve the uninsured, one of the prime reasons for its implementations.

19 Things You Can Do To Not Be A Douchebag

Would it kill you to put the toilet seat down?

21 Reasons Robyn Is The Swedish Goddess Of Pop Music

Call your girlfriends, it's time we have the talk.

This 13-Year-Old Boy Covers Beyonce's "XO" Better Than Anyone

Never seen anyone so soulful with braces.

Women In Love With Priests Write A Letter To The Pope Asking Him To End Celibacy Rules

Twenty-six Italian women, claiming to be in relationships with Catholic priests, want the Pope to make the Catholic church's celibacy requirement optional.

Are You A Bad Person?

Of course I know which one is the recycling bin...

This Is What Marriage Equality In Oregon Looks Like

Same-sex couples married in Oregon on Monday immediately after a federal judge ruled the state's ban on such marriages is unconstitutional.

Urban Outfitters Hopes To Be Cool Again By This Fall

Comparable sales fell for a third straight quarter while rising at Anthropologie and Free People, the retailer said Monday.

Los 20 más lindos recorridos en coche

Porque todo el mundo necesita un copiloto.

What Does Your Name Say About Your Love Life?

Would a Rose by any other name have ended up with Jack forever?

Beautiful Nude Portraits Mix Nature And The Nature Female Form (NSFW)

While these beautiful photos seem like the work of an experienced portrait photographer, David Gonzålaz is shockingly only 18 years-old. The teen was given his first camera by his grandmother in 2010, and hasn't stopped shooting since. In fact, the…

The 23 Most Exciting Things To See In San Francisco During The Summer

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Thanks, Karl the Fog.

As 100 fotos de gatos mais importantes de todos os tempos

Ok, isto é o que há. Todos nós podemos finalmente desligar a internet e ir para casa depois disto.

Syracuse Researchers Sue ICE Alleging Access To Deportations Data Is Being Denied

They claim officials are trying to deny the public access to important information regarding U.S. immigration practices.

12 Amazing Shots By Late Cinematographer Gordon Willis

The director of photography for classics like The Godfather and Manhattan was a master of light and shadow. "I never thought of anything as being iconic," he once said.

25 Truths Of Being The Only Girl In Your Friend Group

Let's get some estrogen up in this bitch

Credit Suisse Pleads Guilty In Tax Evasion Case, Will Pay $2.6 Billion

"No financial institution, no matter its size or global reach, is above the law," Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Things We Overheard At Lady Gaga's ArtRave

"I can't stop crying. It's so beau—wait, why is T.I. rapping?"

37 GIFs de Disneyland que no sabías que necesitabas

GIFs en un mundo pequeño, después de todo.

Bipartisan Group Urges Obama To Not Arm Syrian Rebels With Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Lawmakers sent a letter to the president and will take legislative action to try and prevent the United States from sending shoulder-fired missiles to the Syrian Opposition

19 Times Victoria And David Beckham Wore Fashions As Ugly As They Are Beautiful

During the late '90s and early '00s, Posh and Becks made some very interesting sartorial choices.

27 Tips For Catching A Summer Bae

The time for sweet sun-kissed romance is finally upon us. Create a summer lovin' story of your own this season by following the simple bae-baiting steps below.

13 Roommate Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Live Alone Forever

Suddenly, leaving two dishes in the sink overnight doesn't seem that bad.

This Cat Will Stop At Nothing To Prevent Her Human From Singing "Let It Go"

Cats have spoken. It's time to let go of "Let It Go."

19 Educated Guesses At Schmidt's First Name

A very unscientific look into New Girl's biggest mystery.

India's Version Of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Will Allow Third Gender Participants

The show, hosted by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, currently recognizes only male and female participants.

9 Signs You're Over Your Ex

Corinne Mucha's "Get Over It!" is a balm for the heartbroken.

How Obsessed With The Internet Are You?

Put your phone down for one sec, geez.

NBA Begins Process To Terminate Donald Sterling's Clippers Ownership

The league believes Clippers owner Donald Sterling has "engaged in conduct that has damaged and continues to damage the NBA and its teams."

10 Perfect DIY Projects For The Beach

Headed to the beach this Memorial Day weekend? You're gonna want to make some stuff first!

Fire Breaks Out At Stables Market In Camden

Smoke was seen billowing over Camden from just before 8pm.

Facebook's Latest Trick To Get You To Share More Personal Information

A new way to flirt or a clever attempt to mine data?

As 26 fotos mais infelizes já tiradas

Essa não vai para o álbum de fotos.

20 Reasons Why Russell Brand Is The Sexiest Actor Alive

He's both a bad boy and a good boy, and we love him for that.

The New "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Trailer Has 100% More Team Bonding

And the first "I am Groot" we've heard. Can't wait for this bunch of a-holes to save the universe!

The Worst Day Of My Life Is Now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction

Nearly 13 years after my sister's death, a reluctant Sunday visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, where public spectacle and private grief have a permanent home together.

Syrian Refugees Forced To Eat Cats And Dogs Before Fleeing Bloody Civil War

British author Neil Gaiman heard heartbreaking stories from Syrians entering the new Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

16 Realistic Reasons You Rant

Kanye West, Mel Gibson, The lady from the Orbit commercials... we all rant, but why? Here are a few reasons why. READ IT OR ELSE BECAUSE WE WORKED HARD ON THIS AND IT WOULD BE RUDE NOT TO. List by Danielle "Ranty Pants" Steinberg and Natalie "Ranter-in-Cheif" Benson

9 Adventure Time Remixes To Add To Your iPod Now!

Because everyone needs a little more Adventure Time in their life.

The Academy Is Turning To YouTube To Expand Its Diversity

The organization behind the Oscars has launched a series of digital shorts that challenges expectations about the moviegoing experience and filmmaking.

34 lecciones que "The Notebook" nos enseñó sobre el amor

"Si tú eres un pájaro, yo soy un pájaro".

This Guy Did An Insane Karaoke Performance Of "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" As Elmo

"Nothing wrong with Elmo. Nothing wrong with Elmo. Nothing wrong with Elmo."

15 revelações bombásticas sobre celebridades brasileiras, de acordo com o Google

Nota: "é evangélico" aparece quase para todas os famosos.

This Dutch House Jam Will Leave You Sweaty And Speechless

Oliver Heldens and Becky Hills' "Gecko (Overdrive)" is amazing, and it's got a next-level ridiculous new video.

25 veces en que «Padre de familia» tuvoa razón en todo

Sí, el espectáculo es polémico, sin embargo, estos momentos son indiscutibles.

AT&T Hopes History Doesn't Repeat Itself

Sixteen years ago, in 1998, AT&T's then-Chief Executive C. Michael Armstrong spent close to $100 billion buying up cable companies to pursue an ambitious plan to bundle video, internet, and phone service. It did not go well. And now, with its DirecTV deal, AT&T is basically trying to do it again.

The 18 Cutest Cat Forts

The password may honestly be "Swordfish."

24 Yahoo Answers That Prove Sex Education Needs To Step Up Its Game

Everyone calm down. You're all DEFINITELY pregnant.

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 232 with guest A.S. Berman

Original Airdate: Week of May 7-12, 2014

This Compilation Of A Guy Scaring His Father Over And Over Again Will Make Your Day

Scaring your dad by saying "Lizzie McGuire" may be the best thing ever.

Joe Biden Sent An Adorable Surprise To A 17-Year-Old Girl Who Asked Him To Prom

"I could only tolerate a high school dance if I was to be escorted by the most delightful man in America," the teen wrote to him.

52 NBA Players Who Make More Money Than Every Player In The WNBA Combined

The WNBA is estimated to pay a total of $10.3 million in salaries, or roughly 1/3 of Kobe Bryant's current salary.

12 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy Azalea

Her relationship with pizza is very real.

M.I.A.'s New Video Might Give You A Seizure

The rapper imagines a world in which everyone can make guns with a 3-D printer.

This Is The Cutest Photo Of The "Firefly" Cast Ever

Thank you Dallas ComicCon for bringing us this gift.

Una araña intenta unirse a un autorretrato, pánico ocurre

Tres definitivamente es una multitud.

Le guide des soirées merdiques à Paris

Comment être sûr de passer une soirée de merde à Paris? Suivez le guide!

What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

It's time to separate the rocky roads from the mint chocolate chips.

Hedge Funds Band Together To Strike Down "Horrific" Sale Of Red Lobster

Barington Capital announced its support of a shareholder vote to kill the "fire sale" of Red Lobster to the private equity firm Golden Gate Capital. "Blatant disregard for shareholder interest."

69 Thoughts All "Game Of Thrones" Fans Have Each Sunday

What just happened?! Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Watch As Igor The Bulldog's Day Is Completely Turned Around

Igor was nervous about spending his first night away from his family. But thanks to a little paint and decorations, watch as his kennel was transformed into a replica of his living room!

This Card Being Sent To Mississippi Voters Is Amazing

A Super PAC sent out a mailer that plays audio of state senator Chris McDaniel talking about how the word "Mamacita" means "Hey, hot mama."

18 Dogs Who Understand Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Being in your mid-twenties is RUFF.

Harry Styles And His Half-Up, Half-Down Go Golfing

Harry in golfing clothes amirite.

This 13-Year-Old Boy Has The Most Beautiful Voice On Vine

Jeffrey Miller needs to release an EP like NOW, like RIGHT NOW.

The Simple But Terrifying Premise Behind Cannes' Best Horror Film

The American indie It Follows turns a straightforward concept into something incredibly creepy. Here's why it and Argentine black comedy Wild Tales have been the Cannes Film Festival's best surprises so far.

Shelter Dogs Take On 'Game Of Thrones'

The dogs at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter are playing an epic new game. In the Game of Bones, you win or you cry.

Presenting The World's Most Expensive Doughnut

FYI It's made of champagne, looks like a spaceship, and costs £1,000.

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18 Things Only True "How I Met Your Mother" Fans Will Understand

From Barney's pickup lines to on-point high-fives, How I Met Your Mother is hands down the best television show out there.

Professional Surfer Jill Hansen Charged In Alleged Hit-and-run

Jill Hansen allegedly struck elderly woman with her car and prepared to hit her a second time before a bystander broke her window.

4 Extremely Rude Skate Tricks

1,000,000 bonus points in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Comics by Gunshow!

A Definitive Ranking Of The 11 Basic Colors

Let's all face it. No one likes you, brown.

Why Ryan Reynolds Isn't Making A Comeback Just Yet

The Green Lantern star gets serious in Cannes kidnap drama The Captive, but it's James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain's The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby that's the better portrait of loss.

Michael Gove's Converter Academy Schools Disproportionately Serve Wealthy Families

Researchers warned in 2010 that the Education Secretary's academies policy would increase educational inequality.

Congressman Charlie Rangel Can Dance

The video of the Bronx and Harlem congressman comes from 22nd Annual Ethnic Festival, which was held Saturday.

9 Things You Never Knew Could Be Measured

May 20th is World Measurement Day, a day to celebrate the weird and wacky world of measurement. The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has been measuring things for 115 years. Here are some of the strangest.

A Brief History Of Kim And Kanye's Love Of Fro-Yo

If there's one thing that Kimye truly loves (beyond themselves) it's ice cream.

The 12 Most Glamorous Beauty Looks At The Billboard Music Awards

This makeup is definitely worth copying.

If Danny Dyer's Tweets Were Motivational Posters

The only inspiration you will ever need in life.

Hottest Iranian Soccery Players

World Cup 2014 is upon us. Iran is headed to Brazil, and while we may not have any Ronaldos’- we do have some hotties we can watch on (and off) the field.

8 Quotes To Remind You That Poets Are Word Magicians

Sometimes people think poetry is boring or unintelligible or elitist or weird. The following 8 quotes prove that poetry can be a beautiful distillation of language and that poets themselves are really just philosophers who care about the sound of their words.

23 Signs You're Thorsty


18 Animals Celebrating Jorts Week

Jorts just got even cuter.

14 Delightfully Geeky Cross-Stitches Of Celebrities

Because who wouldn't want to embroider their own Tyrion Lannister?

An Apple Acquisition That Could Squash Netflix

The more you think about, the more sensible the idea of Apple moving aggressively into streaming video becomes.

Met Puts Huge Digital Image Trove Online

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art has made a whopping 400,000 high-resolution digital images of its collection available for free download. You can browse the collection here.

13 World Leaders That Narendra Modi Has Tweeted At

This is what diplomacy looks like in 2014.

The Dead Walk The Earth In "Wonder Woman"

As Olympus prepares for war, Hell releases an army of spirits into the mortal world, and Wonder Woman finds an unlikely ally. Wonder Woman #31 hits shelves May 21st.

John Oliver Imagines A World Of Gay Nintendo Characters

"Last Week Tonight" pokes fun at Nintendo's "virtual eventual equality".

Nicole Richie Introduced Cameron Diaz To Her New BF

Nicole Richie played celebrity matchmaker and introduced Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, Richie's brother-in-law. It looks like it worked!

This Woman Took Selfies With Hipsters While Running The Brooklyn Half Marathon

Why did the hipster cross the road? To get to the finish line...first.

Is The Ending Of Allegiant THAT Bad?

I just can't believe it's all over... Warning: Spoilers Galore!

Glenn Beck On Common Core: "This Is Slavery"

"They are breeding an entire new generation of slaves," radio host Glenn Beck said about the federal education-standards initiative on his program Monday.

23 Reasons Craig Ferguson Is The Best Host Of "The Late Late Show"

Yes, he's the best. This is an indisputable fact.

How #blessed Are You?

#family #sunsets #brunch #eyelidkisses

How Weepy Are You?

Can you make it through this post without crying?

Game Of Editors: The New York Times

Innovation is coming.

19 Stuffed Strawberries You Need In Your Mouth

There is a deep-fried cheesecake-stuffed strawberry / there is a God.

HTC One M8 Shot At 1123 Yards By A Sniper Rifle

This video takes "drop tests" to a whole new level. The HTC One M8 goes up against this futuristic rifle system that compensates all the variables for long range shots for you. Is this the future of rifles?

6 Of The Best Moments From RuPaul's Drag Race

Whether you are #TeamAdore, #TeamBianca, or #TeamCourtney tonight we find out who will be America's Next Drag Superstar! Here are 6 of the best moments from Season 6 hunty.

23 Kids Who Are Ready For This Shopping Trip To Be Over

MOMMMMM, you said we were just picking up two things!!!!!!!!!!

Las 100 fotos de perros más importantes de todos los tiempos

Estos perros han cambiado nuestros corazones, nuestras vidas, nuestro mundo. Tal vez más que estos importantes gatos.

80 NYC Rooftop Bars: The Ultimate Guide

And they're all broken down by neighborhood!

Miss Information: I Started Dating My Well-Endowed Ex For The Third Time

I am presently entertaining the notion of reconnecting with my ex-boyfriend. This would technically be reunion number three, after two previous attempts to navigate my anorexia, his fishing addiction, and our collective and respective…

How Easily Creeped Out Are You?

Are you a winner or a weenie?

17 Hand Drawn Birthday Cards From Students In Korea

Teaching English in Korea has a lot of perks. But the best one might just be getting awesome drawings like these on your birthday.

Which Party Should You Actually Vote For?

Elections to the European Parliament are coming up. But which UK political party should you vote for?

Republican Georgia Congressional Candidate Has Many Thoughts On Gays Marrying

He compares the lack of a parent of one gender in a same-sex couple with children to "losing mom or dad in a car accident."

Who Should You Kill?

Decide who to murder with this handy quiz.

Far-Right Party Britain First "Invaded" East London Mosque

The group handed out leaflets and bibles before leaving.

Literal Game Of Thrones Intro Title Sequence

Don't tell us you've never wondered what's actually going on in the intro title sequence to Game of Thrones!

If Spotify Helped You Pick Out A Girlfriend Instead Of Music

With the technology we have today, you'd think we would have our priorities in order. Inspired by this.

Pizza de feijoada à venda na Alemanha vem com salsicha e feijão vermelho

E uma maraca. E um pandeiro. E uma passista de escola de samba.

What Is The Best Kept Secret In Your Hometown?

Because everyone already knows about the Statue of Liberty. It's time to dig a little deeper.

21 Struggles Women Who Can Hold Their Alcohol Inevitably Face

How can you possibly be wasted after two cocktails?

Why I Hate Something You Probably Love: Sriracha

In which our writer eloquently expounds on how the beloved hot sauce "makes everything taste like the same bad thing".

People Who Treat Their Pets Like Human Beings Pay Expensive Toll

As it turns out, the “clean eating” movement is not just for humans.

The Georgia Primary's Biggest Surprise

Karen Handel's surge in advance of Tuesday's GOP primary has stunned some Republicans in the state. "I have been underestimated my whole life," Handel says.

Jill Abramson Will Not Remove Her New York Times Tattoo

The former Times top editor is giving the commencement speech at Wake Forest University today.

Uncle Si Of 'Duck Dynasty' Releases Country EP

The album features a duet with country singer Kix Brooks, formerly of Brooks and Dunn called Can't Take the Swamp Outta the Man.

How The "Scandal" Effect Has Changed Television

Starting this fall, TV will look more like life — with more actors of color leading casts than ever before.

17 problèmes que tous les hommes comprendront

A chaque jour suffit son érection.

Innuendo Bingo With Hugh Jackman Is The Wettest Thing You Will See Today

"I think you quite like coming here actually."

13 Science Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask, Answered

Featuring blushing, yawning, hiccups, and blue skies.

Turns Out Benedict Cumberbatch Really Loves Flowers

Who knew he had green fingers? Cumberbatch is full of surprises.

26 Things That Would Have Been Better With Jorts

Besides literally everything.

It's Impossible Not To Dance To "Friend Like Me" From The New "Aladdin" Musical

I dare you to stay still. BuzzFeed premieres the Genie's showstopper, plus a new Aladdin and Jasmine duet, "A Million Miles Away," from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Aladdin.

26 cosas que te harán sentir mejor instantáneamente

No importa cuán triste estés, apuesto que no puedes ver esta lista sin sonreír.

26 coisas que só as pessoas eternamente cansadas vão entender

Se eu pudesse, provavelmente dormiria o dia todo.

Monte el maltés es el cachorro más lindo que alguna vez conocerás

¿Puedes sobrepasar esta publicación sin ser abrumado por lo adorable que es este perro?

At Least 11 People Injured In Subway Explosion In South Korea

The blast occurred in the south of Seoul. No deaths have been reported.

How Chronic Is Your Wanderlust?

How desperate are you to get around the world?

9 Pictures Of New York In 2000, As Seen By A Game Boy

Photographer David Friedman took a stroll through midtown New York with his trusty Game Boy Camera 14 years ago. The result? Retro beauty.

17 Of The Most Important Babies With Eyebrows

These people are old beyond their years.

Jonathan Franzen Did Plagiarism On Will Ferrell

Jonathan Franzen stole plagiarism from Will Ferrell

The Original "Alien" Concept Art Is Terrifying

H.R. Giger's original designs for Alien are even more chilling than the film.

Weird, Wild And Wonderful: 17 Fancy Dress Ideas For The Festival Season

Summer is rapidly approaching, which for music lovers can only mean one thing: festival season is nearly here! Check out the weird, wild, wonderful and what?!?!? costumes you've got to compete with this festival season!

Cyclist Mistakenly Celebrates Winning Race With One Lap To Go, Ends Up Finishing 56th

Eloy Teruel thought he'd won the seventh stage of the Tour of California.

Sarah Millican Defies Twitter Trolls By Wearing Her Baftas Dress Again

And this time she wore it on stage. Good on you, Sarah.

Nigeria's Nobel Winner Wole Soyinka Blames Corrupt Political Elite Over Kidnapped Girls

I wanted President Goodluck Jonathan "to get off his butt and stop treating this episode in a perfunctory manner,” Nigeria's leading writer told BuzzFeed.

21 problèmes que tous les accros au café connaissent

Une tasse, deux tasses, trois tasses...

Bolivia’s President Has Been Signed By A First Division Football Club

Evo Morales will play in midfield and wear the number 10 shirt.

NYU's Controversial New Campus In Abu Dhabi Still Has A Labor Problem

"I just don't think that universities and museums should be working like Wal-Mart."

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