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May 10, 2014

16 Things People Looked Like At Eurovision

Why did Tulisa represent Poland this year?

12 extrañas criaturas prehistóricas que harán que te sientas feliz de estar vivo en la actualidad

Presentando a una ballena con patas y a un cocodrilo vegetariano. Del nuevo libro de paleoarte de Julius Csotonyi.

Ariana Grande Says Rihanna Wasn't Laughing At Her iHeart Radio Performance

Ariana Grande has stepped forward to clear the air regarding Rihanna's laughter during her iHeart Radio performance on Monday, May 5.

Watch The First Gay Player Drafted Into The NFL Hear The News, Cry, And Embrace His Partner

The former University of Missouri defensive end was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the NFL draft.

All Of The Most Powerful Lyrics Of Eurovision 2014

"La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La"

5 Dim Sum Dishes You're Missing Out On.

If you're going out for dim sum, chances are you're ordering the same things - har gow, siu mai, and pork buns. Stray away from the usual and try these 5 dim dishes you're missing out on!

9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring one hilariously unlucky French cat, the world's tiniest, most adorable salsa dancers, and a group of women singing while reaching orgasm. (Yup.)

16 Songs For An Eclectic Summer Music Playlist

Your one post for all your summertime music needs.

Raunchy Miley Cyrus Concert Photos You Can't Unsee (NSFW)

View Photo 1- Raunchy Miley Cyrus Concert Photos You Can't Unsee (NSFW)

Estos pequeños bailarines de salsa están a punto de sorprenderte con sus movimientos

En el video de 1:47 minutos, nunca dejan de moverse... y tampoco nunca dejan de ser totalmente adorables.

Are These Random Facts True Or False?

Have you ever wanted something so bad you melted?

Coke Uses Terrible Working Conditions In Dubai For PR Opportunity

In the ad, workers can use a bottle cap to pay for an international phone call.

This Video Proves Why Soccer Is The Most Beautiful Game

Watch as illustrator Richard Swarbrick puts an artful spin on the Liverpool Football Club's season.

30 Amazing Feelings You Can't Resist

Like putting your hands in a bowl of beans.

Kendall Jenner Is Coming To Vogue

Kendall Jenner is following in sister Kim Kardashian's footsteps with a spread in Vogue.

What French People Really Think Of The U.S.

Everyone's a cowboy, and Miami's where you go to die.

All The Drug References In Hip-Hop, Visualized

Coke references in rap peaked in 2004, the same year that marijuana references were at their lowest. In fact, between 1996 and 2009, cocaine was the most commonly rapped about drug (perhaps not coincidentally, it also the drug about which the best…

13 Songs That Celebrate Just How Amazing Moms Really Are

Because sometimes you need a melody to express what's in your heart.

'Peak Oil' Burned As Exxon, Chevron, Shell See $100 A Barrel

He was hardly the only proponent. In May 2008, when oil was over $140 a barrel, Goldman Sachs (GS) published a report that claimed, "The possibility of $150-$200 per barrel seems increasingly likely over the next six-24 months, though predicting… Oil is now around $100 a barrel with record levels of production. Based on pure economic demand, it should be around $60-70 a barrel, admitted Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil (XOM), in 2011. At that time, oil was in the same range of about $100 a barrel. Without speculators, obviously the price of oil would be much lower. But that was not supposed to happen, according to the Peak Oil School. All the easy oil that could be found had been. From that point on the world would just have to live with high oil prices that were supposed to be around 100% more than at present. In one word, Peak Oil got drilled by "fracking." >>Read More: Freeport-McMoRan Expands in Gulf of Mexico With $1.4 Billion Deal Fracking has been around only as long as computers, as it was licensed exclusively to Halliburton (HAL) in 1949. And, like computers, advances in technology allowed for fracking to accelerate in usage in the early 2000s. Fracking has advanced to the point where North America is now the largest energy producing region in the world. The free market was every bit as important as fracking in proving the Peak Oil School to be wrong. Speculators, swayed by the Goldman report and related materials, drove up the price of oil. As Tillerson stated, it's about 50% more than it should be based on fundamental economic demand. By the beauty of the free market, that results in the economic principle of "substitution." With oil priced so high, alternatives such as natural gas, wind power, solar energy and others were substituted. Big Oil firms such as BP  (BP), Chevron (CVX), ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) led the way in substituting for oil.

The Best "Draft Mom" Moments Of 2014

If you think the NFL draft is just about football, you’re watching it all wrong.

Are You Addicted To The Internet?

Probably, yeah. No for real this is a big issue.

Kim & Kanye's Wedding Invitation Has Arrived

Behold: The surprisingly demure Kimye wedding invitation.

Liam Payne And Harry Styles Take Tango Lessons

Liam, Harry, and Harry's hat hit the Rojo Tango Tango while on a break from their world tour in Argentina..

27 Selfies That Perfectly Capture The Joys Of Motherhood

Proof that motherly love is the best kind of love.

Passengers In “Miraculous" Escape After Pilot Lands Plane In Front Yard Using A Parachute

The pilot deployed the aircraft’s inbuilt parachute after suffering engine problems.

First Same-Sex Marriage License Issued In Arkansas

The marriage license was issued a day after Judge Chris Piazza ruled a decade-old ban is unconstitutional. Kristin Seaton and Jennifer Rambo of Fort Smith were the first couple to be married Saturday morning.

128 Thoughts Everyone Has While Trying To Buy Concert Tickets

Because we've all been that person who is denied a ticket at 10:01, regardless of our refresh page reaction time. It's a jungle out there.

18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Andy Cohen and Cher hung out, the Met Gala brought famous people together,and more!

Sell These 5 Toxic Stocks Before The Drop

Today I'll show you five big "toxic" names you need to unload before the next leg down. Just to be clear, the companies I'm talking about today aren't exactly junk. By that, I mean they're not next up in line at bankruptcy court. But that's frankly irrelevant; from a technical analysis standpoint, sellers are shoving around these toxic… >>5 Stocks Under $10 Set to Soar For the unfamiliar, technical analysis is a way for investors to quantify qualitative factors, such as investor psychology, based on a stock's price action and trends. Once the domain of cloistered trading teams on Wall Street, technicals can help top traders make consistently profitable trades and can aid fundamental investors in better planning their stock execution. So without further ado, let's take a look at five toxic stocks you should be unloading.

As The End Of "Mad Men" Looms, John Slattery Starts Something New

The actor, who has played Roger Sterling on seven seasons of the AMC drama, moves into the director's chair with his new film, God's Pocket.

Easy Foil-Packet Roasted Artichokes

This genius recipe from BuzzFeed Food's spring vegetable correspondent is fresh, flavorful, and can be made with just four ingredients.

This Is How Teens Discover New Music

Good news: Older siblings are still cool.

21 crueles realidades de tener demasiado maldito cabello

¿Por qué está mi cabello por todas partes? ¿POR QUÉ?

23 Recipes That Will Feed Your Inner Flower Child

This is not a joke; I can't help it if I am excited by a pink soup covered in purple henbit deadnettles.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

9 Things You Need To Know About The Dating App Created Exclusively For Queer Women

Dattch, created in the UK, has finally landed in the States. It's a brand new day, ladies.

27 Tater Tot Recipes That Will Change Your Life

A tot-al eclipse of the heart.

52 Spectacular Performances From 1985 You Must See

Every performance and song was released in 1985. As a result, it’s like you time-traveled into the audience at the time it was released!

20 Things Clumsy People Fail At

Now that being clumsy and awkward is cute and endearing it seems we can never escape the eyes of others. So, here is a list of things for the clumsiest of us to avoid - otherwise you will fail (and possibly even die).

19 Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes With No Meat

Just throw the ingredients in the pot and RELAX. Let the machine do the work.

22 Beach Products You Absolutely Need This Summer

Bye. Moving to the beach forever.

Proof That Mustaches Can Completely Change Your Face

What a difference a flavor saver makes.

Nancy Reed Accused Of Stabbing A Walmart Employee Because She Didn't Like Her 'Vibe'

The 60-year-old woman then said she didn't like the employee's "vibe" and allegedly stabbed her with a pair of scissors. A customer and other employees came to the rescue and the scissors were confiscated.

You Can Now Get Temporary Recipe Tattoos On Your Arm

Wave goodbye to messy cookbooks.

The Motorcycles In Vietnam By Hans Kemp

Hans Kemp is an award winning Dutch photographer traveling and living in Asia for over 27 years. To date he has published six books, contributed to countless others, appeared in numerous magazine articles and worked for a wide variety of international clients.

Hundreds Of People Return To The Devastated City Of Homs

Residents of the Syrian city are returning after a two-year siege.

17 Things That Happen When You Grow A Beard

Uh, excuse me, my eyes are up here.

These Stunning Photos Of The Milky Way Will Give You Chills

Australian photographer Mike Salway brings the Outback to life.

We Asked People At A Eurovision-Themed Nightclub In Copenhagen Who They Want To Win

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Copenhagen tonight. BuzzFeed went to EuroClub, the competition's official club night, to speak to Eurovision fans.

Miley Cyrus Danced On Stage With An Inflatable Penis Last Night

She was performing at G-A-Y in London. And as usual reaaally went for it.

26 Ghostly Images Of World War Two, Blended With The Present

History buffs have traversed Europe to create a collection of unique images that blend 1940s war-torn Europe with colour present day photos.

10 Things You Realize When You Move To Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the Wild, Wild, West. Yo.

18 choses géniales qui se produisent quand on emménage avec son mec

« Te peux sentir mon haleine et noter sa puanteur sur une échelle de 1 à 10 ? »

This 19 Year Olds Drawings Will Blow Your Mind...

What this girl can do with a graphite pencil is seriously amazing.

Mandela Sign Language Interpreter Leaves Psych Hospital To Shoot Livelens Commercial

"Fake" Mandela sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie pulled out of psych hospital to film a commercial for Livelens.

What Your Job Says About Your Sex Life, According To Science

Studies have shown that the more artistic you are, the more likely you are to have the most amount of sex. According to a study from the University of Chicago, comparing the sex lives of those with graduate degrees and those who never went to…

14 Tattoo Artists You Absolutely Need To Follow On Instagram

Whether you have a collection of personal tattoos or just enjoy the visual appeal of others' body art, looking through a quality tattoo artist' portfolio is an inspiring experience. Seeing fierce artistry pop off the pages is what encourages most to…

A New Jersey Restaurant Will Give Out Free Food If Narendra Modi Is Elected Prime Minister Of India

"He's already won in so many people's hearts. He's won already for me."

How Blake Lively Stays Fit Without A Gym

Really, she doesn't go! But she does have another trick…

Third Body Found After Hot Air Balloon Crash In Virginia

Witnesses reported seeing the balloon in flames rise high into the sky before crashing down. A University of Richmond women's basketball assistant coach, a team staff member, and a 65-year-old Army veteran pilot were on the balloon.

12 Rules All Non-Redheads Should Know

Don't get me mad or I'll gingersnap!

"To Survive In Women’s Sports, You Need To Be Somewhat Closeted"

From 1999 to 2004, Kate Fagan played Division I basketball for the nationally-ranked University of Colorado Buffaloes. She's now a reporter for ESPN. Her book, The Reappearing Act, out this week, chronicles her two-year coming-out process at… Your book covers a lot of ground. Can you break it down for anyone not familiar with your story? It’s really a coming-of-age tale. It has the backdrop of big-time sports, Christianity, and sexuality as well. It’s about a two-year period in my life when I'm participating…

The Stylish Housewife Pie

Previously: The Dad Vibes Pie Ann Friedman does not have four children, a devoted husband, or a higher calling.

"The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore" To Replace Colbert On Comedy Central

Larry Wilmore, the "Senior Black Correspondent" from The Daily Show will take Stephen Colbert's place on Comedy Central.

Jemima Kirke Got Married In A $200 Wedding Dress

My husband and I met at the doctor's office and I got a crush on him right away. I liked that he had grey in his hair. He was also such a gentleman — he would hold the door open for everyone and constantly gave his seat up to women on the train. A… I loved his gentility, but his kindness was what struck me. He had this patience and stoicism; I had never met anyone like him. Click through for the beautiful photos of Jemima and Mike's wedding! Begin Slideshow

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