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Are You Turning Into Your Mom?

Maybe not ~your~ mom, but definitely ~a~ mom.

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  1. 1. Check off the things you like, even secretly.

    Signing your texts.
    Sending thank-you notes.
    Making sure you bring a jacket, just in case.
    Merrell, Clarks, or Danskos.
    Sensible shoes of any variety.
    Sensible undergarments.
    Bras that offer a lot of "support."
    Complimenting somebody's "figure."
    Calling an outfit "flattering."
    Jewelry that heavily features turquoise.
    Jewelry made by a child even if it is terrible.
    Eating half of a cookie but then deciding to also eat the other half.
    Making food just so you can have the leftovers.
    Getting a doggie bag at a restaurant even when there's basically nothing left.
    Forcing somebody to stay and eat with you even if they weren't planning to.
    Anything from Talbot's.
    Anything from Chico's.
    Anything from Eileen Fisher.
    Scented candles.
    Hand towels.
    Kitchen herb gardens.
    Driving other people places.
    Diagnosing yourself/others via the internet/over the phone.
    Calling someone just to say hi.
    Book club.
    Spending more time at book club drinking wine than talking about the book.
    Cutting things out of newspapers and magazines.
    Giving those clippings to people who you think would appreciate them.
    (Humble-)bragging about how little you spent on something.
    Facebook, still.
    Not really Twitter.
    Saving mementos.
    But hating clutter.
    Telling your friends that the person who dumped them wasn't good enough for them anyway.
    Subtly-but-not-that-subtly guilting people into doing things that are good for them but boring.
    Showing people pictures of your pets/children/plants.
    Unironic emoticons. (Not emojis, too advanced.)
    Reality TV.
    Having Projects.
    Printing out/writing down directions.
    Giving back rubs.
    Loving a lot.
    Oh, right: do you have kids?

Are You Turning Into Your Mom?

You're not yet turning into your mom. This is totally fine, because hey, you're you, and you dig what you dig.

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You're getting there. Just a few more years and a few more pairs of clogs and the two of you will be indistinguishable.

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You're totally your mom. Which is rad, because moms rule. Own it.

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