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May 7, 2014

Democratic Congressman Worries About NSA Having Access To Phone Calls With His Hypothetical Mistress

Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York was speaking at the House Judiciary Committee mark-up of the USA Freedom Act which would end the bulk collection of Americans’ communications records, when he commented on metadata being able to show calls to a "mistress if I had one." "You can learn a lot from metadata about a person and invade his privacy tremendously."

No, Iran Did Not Ban WhatsApp

No wonder people were worried — Iran's censor had said the messaging app had been banned because the owner Mark Zuckerberg was an "American Zionist."

USDA Plans Outreach Campaign, Rule Change Aimed At Rural LGBT Americans

The USDA, working with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, is launching a campaign to address the needs and concerns of LGBT communities in rural areas. "This is part of the American dream and we are making sure that the LGBT community is covered in that American dream," a USDA senior official says of his office's work.

Which Dolly Parton Song Are You?

When I write songs, I tell stories about things that have happened in my life or how I'm feeling at the time. Let's find out which one is a perfect reflection of you.

Stop Naming Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls

A list that claimed to name 180 kidnapped girls was released over the weekend. But is publicizing the girls' names a good idea, or just playing politics?

Alleged Rapist At Northeastern University Transfers Without Penalties

After a university hearing ruled a student committed sexual assault with penetration, he successfully appealed on the basis that the level of consent the board used was "too high." His accuser filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights on Wednesday.

16 golosinas que puedes prepararle a tu perro

Nuestros mejores amigos merecen algo de comida casera de vez en cuando. Algunos de estos premios incluso pueden ayudar a que tu cachorro se mantenga fresco en altas temperaturas.

Republicans Torn Over How To Talk About Monica Lewinsky

Many on the right are jumping at the chance to revisit Bill Clinton's sex scandal ahead of 2016 — but others worry about repeating the GOP's mistakes of the '90s. "If they throw out a bad pitch and you swing at it, then you're an idiot," says Norquist.

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