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May 31, 2014

32 Dulces mexicanos que pudiste haber olvidado

Prepárate para la máxima avalancha de azúcar.

Woman Ties Up And Canes Man Who Allegedly Raped Her Teen Daughter

The woman may now face charges for the whipping, which sent the suspect to the hospital.

Thousands March In Cyprus’ First Gay Pride Parade

The parade was interrupted by anti-gay protesters who called it "shameful," but the demonstration was still considered a huge success.

Funny And Ironic Names For Your Pet Fish

If "Goldie" and "Finn" are just not smart enough for your taste.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

The Game of Life just got a whole lot easier to survive.

Vacation Alone - Essential Tips To Relaxing Solo Vacations

Lying is not only okay, it's encouraged.

17 Times "Sailor Moon" Totally Got You

Moon prism power, know what I'm sayin'?

Which Queen Bee Are You?

Being a leader isn't always easy, but it is your destiny.

Top 5 Potentially Awesome Crossovers

Sci-fi/fantasy crossovers that would be awesome, hilarious, or just plain...odd. Obviously, these are only hypothetical, and if any of these ever occur in any official fashion, pigs are flying through a frozen-over Hell.

Beyoncé Is The Real Monster In This Amazing Godzilla Spoof

It's Bey's world, and we're just living in it.

16 Hair Drying Hacks For The Most Perfect Blowout

Harder, better, faster, stronger (hair).

Who Is More Popular On Facebook?

Drizzy-Drake or Oreo Cookies?

How To Live To 100

Age ain't nothing but a number.

At Least Two Arrested At An Unsanctioned Gay Pride Parade In Moscow

People gathered outside of the mayor’s office for a gay pride parade after their application for permission to hold a demonstration was rejected.

The Most WTF Facts About Your Favorite Pop Stars

There's a college course on Miley Cyrus. WTF?

The Best Game Of Thrones Inspired Gifts Of All Time

From 'oh, I can afford that!' to 'I need to take out a second mortgage', take a look at some of the best Game of Thrones inspired products out there.

What Your Handwriting Says About You

For more handwriting clues check out the National Pen.

ROMANCING a tribute

This is a little montage I put together celebrating two of the most misunderstood movie genres. Romance and musicals. It's a fun little montage that I am extremely proud of and I hope that you get as much joy out of watching it as I did making it.

31 Ingenious Things That Would Happen #IfPakistanHadHollywood

"Transformers would just be a short documentary on load-shedding."

The Studio Tour 50 years in 5 Minutes

As a special request I put together a second video called,The Studio Tour 50 Years in 5 Minutes dedicated to everyone who ever gave a tour, drove a tram or popped a gate.

The Studio Tour 50 Years in 30 Minutes

I put together a video called,The Studio Tour 50 Years in 30 Minutes, that I want to serve as a Virtual Birthday Card dedicated to everyone who ever gave a tour, drove a tram or popped a gate. This was put together with love and with no malice of intent. I just wanted to do something special for the greatest people that I ever had the pleasure of working with.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Recovering In Germany After Being Freed From Captivity In Afghanistan

Twenty-eight-year-old Sgt. Bergdahl had been held by the Taliban since June 2009. On Sunday he was moved from Afghanistan to a medical facility in Germany, where he will stay until he is ready to return home.

This Baby Is A Contemporary Dance Genius

The modern dance world should be bracing itself for this kid.

8 Of The Most Important Videos Of The Week

Featuring a very jealous dog, a goat riding a guy on a bicycle, and the best little dancer you ever did see.

This Guy Might Be The Coolest Stay-At-Home Dad Ever

A dad responds to negative comments about his parenting with some pretty awesome photos.

31 Bucket Hats That Actually Won't Make You Look Ridiculous

Okay, they're goofy. But they'll protect your face all summer.

How A Design Pro Does IKEA

My DIY obsession is second nature to me and has nothing to do with frugality. If I fix a leaky faucet in my house, it's to save money. But, if I stay up all night drawing lines on a tabletop? It's for the rush of turning an idea in my head into… For my clients, I have the great privilege of working with extremely talented craftsmen and using custom pieces and bespoke finishes to create one-of-a-kind results. But, in my own home, I keep my decor low tech. My definition of success is refinement. If I draw on my drapes and they look more polished, then I feel triumphant. And, typically, one winning project spins off into others as I learn more about what I like as I complete them. Right now, I can't get enough of nylon rope, waterproof metal tape, Tyvek house wrap, and binder clips. And, the home-decor updates I've been able to craft with them are, indeed, refined. Click through to see what I was able to create with these wares and some great pieces of IKEA furniture. Begin Slideshow

Angelina Jolie Explains The Twist Ending Of "Maleficent"

The Oscar-winning actress told BuzzFeed that Maleficent's biggest modernization is what made her sign on.

25 comidas de Hello Kitty que son demasiado adorables para comer

CASI. Pero no del todo, porque son deliciosas.

Turkish Police Detained A CNN Journalist While He Was Reporting On Air

"I am being kicked," Ivan Watson told the camera before it was cut.

16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Joe Jonas slept with his underwear, Beyonce showed off her braids, and more!

27 Glorious Food Moments You Need To Experience This Summer

Consider this your bucket list for the next three months.

The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

They should take you less than an hour. Unless you are a tortoise. In which case, it may take you about two.

3 Vegetarian And Gluten-Free Dinners From One Shopping List

Dietary restrictions never tasted so good.

27 Everyday Objects That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

Somebody get this binder clip a medal.

Someone Is Hiding Wads Of Free Cash All Over The UK

Follow @Hiddencash_UK on Twitter for clues about the next money drop.

17 animales que fueron sorprendidos totalmente en el acto

"Yo... yo... no sabía que estarías en casa tan temprano".

15 Sloth GIFs You Need To See Today

These cute critters demand your attention immediately.

The Studio Tour 50 Year Slide Show

This was put together with love and with no malice of intent. I just wanted to do something special for the greatest people that I ever had the pleasure of working with.

Autocorrect Sucks!!

I don't know if it's because I have the Iphone 3, and its on the fritz from being so old, or if it just really likes making my best friend Vera laugh, but my Autocorrect is going crazy!! So crazy, that I have to share some of the funniest corrects have happened.

15 Things That Probably Happened On Kim And Kanye's Honeymoon

What happens on the honeymoon, stays on the Kanye.

10 Ways "How I Met Your Mother" Lied To Us

Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney had it all wrong.

The Pros And Cons Of Social Media And Modern Day Technology

Once upon a time, when Seinfeld was relevant and T.V writers could make jokes involving pay-phones, people talked to each other in person and kids played tag. But don't worry kids, now we can do that virtually.

Dog Poops All Over Plane, Forces Emergency Landing

This may be the crappiest flight in the history of air travel.

Now You Can Make The Illegal Boozy Slushies Banned From New York

With this tutorial, you'll basically be a bootlegger.

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Is Headed To Couples Therapy

Rumor has it there's trouble in post-Bachelor paradise.

7 Life Lessons Learned From "The Hobbit"

Wise words to live by from the wise old wizard himself.

WATCH: The Ready Set Talks Stranger Danger On Thereadyset's Blog

Last but not least...drum roll please... I guess strangers aren't ALL bad, but I remember being a kid hearing that all strangers will definitely kidnap you. That makes me think- I'm a stranger to a lot of people, and I haven't kidnapped anyone, so I'm not sure of any definite statistics. Related

20 Real Women Share What They Learned After A Breakup

"Going on nine months from my heartbreak, and I learned that you can't force somebody to love you the way you love them. And most importantly to never lose yourself in the process of loving someone else. You are so special and beautiful and for a…

Why Norman Bates Is Secretly The Perfect Boyfriend

Sure, he's a psycho, but he's got a lot of good qualities too.

Confessions Of An Awkward Teen Girl

Men aren't the only ones who go through the sexual rejection that Elliot Rodger experienced. Plenty of teen girls do too.

Why Sober Sex Is So Much Hotter

Seriously, just hear us out.

7 Reasons That Forgiveness Equals Freedom.

How should you react when you feel you have been wronged? The better way is to turn the other cheek according to noted personalities like Maya Angelou, who walked the talk of forgiving under trying circumstances.

Brandi Glanville Tweets About Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes After Leaked Video Incident

It is not clear if Glanville's tweet was in fact related to the leaked video, given that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star constantly takes jabs at the couple on social media. Glanville revealed in her second book Drinking and Dating, that… Topics: Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes © 2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI's prior written consent. Order reprints Previous StoryKate Upton's armpit photoshopped out of Harper's Bazaar photoNext StoryKaley Cuoco sells $2.5 million bachelorette pad Recommended Stories Lisa Vanderpump is afraid of RHOBH reunion Mar 11 Brandi Glanville called a liar by 'Housewives' co-star Lisa Vanderpump Mar 06 Eddie Cibrian denies asking Brandi Glanville for child support Mar 20 Brandi Glanville joined Twitter to obsess over ex's new relationship Mar 05 Trending News

11 Stunning Florida Towns You Need To Visit

Florida's a big state, and possibly the best one to road trip through!

7 "Frozen" Inspired Tattoos

The pain never bothered them anyway.....

Lady Gaga's New Puppy Is Insanely Adorable

Her little monster has the cutest p-p-p-puppy face!

FEMEN Protesters Frenched Up

I’m a big supporter of the causes and concerns that the angry Ukrainian Feminist topless protestors shout about while covered in fake blood and slogan scribble. I don’t speak Esperanto, so I admittedly don’t actually know what they’re pissed about,…

10 Super Cute Examples Of Summery Toe Nail Art That You Will Love

Summer is the time to flash those twinkle toes!

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