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May 22, 2014

Old Lawsuit Calls Bryan Singer Accuser's Credibility Into Question

BuzzFeed reviewed the court files of Michael Egan's first sexual assault lawsuit and found a number of strange and bewildering claims. Some seem to contradict allegations in his suit against Bryan Singer.

At Least 13 Ukrainian Troops Die In Dawn Clash With Rebels

Bloody overnight clashes between servicemen and pro-Russian separatists near Donetsk on Thursday.

How Many '00s Kids TV Shows Have You Seen?

Put on your squarepants, paint your pinky fingernail black, and get ready for your results!

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" May Not Please Diehard Fans, But It's An Explosive Spectacle

A lifelong X-Men comics fan and a comic book dilettante debate director Bryan Singer's latest film, which finds the mutants traveling through time to prevent their extinction (and the internal logic that comes with that). WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead!

"Pretty Little Liars"' Troian Bellisario Defends Her Photoshopped GQ Shoot

"Many people have said that we were photoshopped… OF COURSE WE WERE!"

How Bad Has Your Day Been?

The apocalypse is NOW.

How Taylor Kitsch Rediscovered Himself — And His Career — With “The Normal Heart”

Following two high-profile box office bombs, the Friday Night Lights alum is thriving after re-embracing the beauty of quieter roles.

5 Alternative Badass Female Film Characters

Ripley in the Alien series, Marge Gunderson in Fargo, Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, YEAH YEAH YEAH. Here are 5 rad female protagonists that are slightly more under the radar.

Watch The President Of Colombia Endorse Marriage Equality — Mostly

"Marriage between homosexuals seems to me perfectly acceptable."

7 Types Of Mexican Soccer Fans You'll See During The World Cup

How you feel about iSI SE PUEDE! says a lot about you as a person.

Divas Shading Divas Or Other "People"

Probably the most fantastic or funniest shading ever from divas or others that aren't divas. Don't no what shading is? Shading is like an insult or terrible compliment or hurting them by their words.

United States Releases 23-Man FIFA World Cup Roster, Landon Donovan Left Off

On Thursday Jurgen Klinsmann named the 23-man World Cup roster, which will be officially submitted to FIFA on June 2.

These Are America's Deadliest Cities For Pedestrians

People who walk to work are most likely to die from a vehicle collision in a handful of southern cities.

Katy Perry And Madonna And Some Intergenerational Bondage

I’m going to go ahead and guess this was Madonna’s idea. Katy Perry has gone through too many boyfriends to be passionate about kink. Personally, I dig this kind of artistic expression. I only wish it were real. I’d like to see Katy Perry pull…

23 Things To Love About Iggy Azalea

Australian singer Amethyst Amelia is bossing the USA. Onya Iggy!

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

17 Hottest Book Covers That Will Melt Your Panties

Fabio is dead to us, or he might as well be, because these gorgeous romance covers killed the cheesy wind-blown cover model. Quit listening to your mother and judge these books Smut Book Club loves by their covers.

10 Reasons Why Jon Stewart Is Wrong About Philadelphia

This week, Jon Stewart went on a rant on the merits of Philadelphia, one of America's great cities. Here are just some of the many reasons why he is wrong.

How Children Of Immigrants Feel About The Term "FOB"

"Our parents were 'fobby' and cared about us and wanted to instill their culture in us. I'm grateful for that."

How To Talk To Smart People About Religion

The quickest way to alienate your smart friends? Mention your sincere religious beliefs.

A Parody Of Those Tear-Jerking Dove Ads

Dove knows EVERYTHING about women and beauty. This commercial proves it.

Thailand's Army Chief Announces Military Coup

Two days after declaring martial law, the military takes control of the government

11 caricaturas de tu infancia que preferirías olvidar

Por cada Patoaventuras, debe haber al menos un Denver, el último dinosaurio. Así fue escrito, así debería ser.

Senate Democrats Will Probably Block Military DREAMers Measure From Defense Bill

"Tactically, it's not good time move it," Sen Carl Levin says. Democrats want to put all the pressure on House Republicans when it comes to immigration reform.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Shaving Your Legs

With the temperature steadily rising, it's about time to bring out those gorgeous gams. That means you'll need to break out the shaving kit more often than you did all winter. While it's been said that there isn't exactly a right way to shave your…

99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want

Swore you'd never get a tattoo? These teeny-tiny micro tattoos are so adorable, they could change your mind.

How A Private Foundation With Student Loan Ties Became A Force In Higher Education

The Lumina Foundation has lofty goals for improving higher education — and increasing influence on policy that could allow it to achieve its aims.

13 frases que Luis Fernando Verissimo nunca escreveu (muito menos disse)

Bônus track: três que não parecem, mas são dele mesmo!

What "Wolfenstein" Looks Like Without Nazis

In Germany, displaying Nazi symbols is illegal. Here's how the new Nazi-killing video game gets around German law.

25 Stunning Vintage Photographs Of Female Firefighters

From as early as 1916, the ladies have been gettin' it done.

The Sad Fall Of "American Idol"

Yes, the ratings — but also, the whole thing.

63 Songs You Need In Your Life This Summer

Pop, rock, reggaeton, and country from all around the world, in no particular order.

18 chiens en pleine crise existentielle

Ils ont vraiment une vie de chien.

This World Cup Commercial Will Make You Cry

Grab tissues, you've been warned.

Ann Taylor Just Made One Of The Worst Photoshop Fails Ever

The hip bone's connected to the ... wait, what?

Who Is Your Jorts Soulmate?

Get in touch with your inner jort.

21 razones por las que "Green Day" es aún la mejor banda

Porque estos tontos melodramáticos, sin duda alguna, son impresionantes.

The 14 Most Genius Yearbook Quotes

"I'll remember you all in therapy..."

Inside America's Most Gay-Friendly Law School

Penn Law graduates and faculty played an instrumental role in Pennsylvania's support of marriage equality, among other supportive efforts in the fight for LGBT rights.

Which Sean Combs Are You?

Most of us grow but few of us get to reinvent ourselves more than once. Sean Combs on the other hand is a master metamorph. Where do you fit in on his evolutionary timeline?

14 films complètement absurdes, vus au Festival de Cannes

Une comédie musicale de vampires avec un membre des Backstreet Boy, et bien d'autres perles trouvées au Marché du Film de Cannes.

Why Tim Geithner Doesn't Think Anybody Will Ever Forgive Him

The former Treasury Secretary doesn't expect his book, Stress Test, to change the minds, but he hopes it can serve as a warning for the next financial crisis.

Why Bad Earnings Reports Aren't Supposed To Leak Early

HP's earnings came and weren't up to analyst expectations, but it happened during normal trading — and so the stock was crushed immediately. Typically earnings reports come out after regular day trading ends.

House Members Speak Out Against U.S. Negotiating With Country That Stones LGBT People

"The United States must make it clear that we will not tolerate such abuses," the draft letter reads.

23 Copycat Recipes For Your Favorite Fast Foods

You might as well start setting up your own drive-thru.

101 Dalmatians

Ever wonder where you could find THAT many dalmatians? LOOK NO FURTHER.

23 Things Instantly Improved By Glitter

Because thing + glitter = better. It's simple math.

Quvenzhané Wallis Is The New Face Of Armani Jr.

"My friends are going to want to borrow all my clothes."

19-Year-Old College Student Shot And Killed Herself After Classmates Learned She Starred In Porn

Alyssa Funke killed herself with a shotgun weeks after a video she made for CastingCouch-X was discovered by classmates.

26 Kids Who Just Don't Give A F**k

It's all fun and games until a child ruins everything.

10 Reason The World Should Absolutely Start Paying Attention To Dogecoin

Have you ever heard of Dogecoin? If you haven't maybe you should start learning about them and their community before they hit the moon.

Vine Star TeRrio Has A Music Video Now

And an album on the way.

DC Celebrates Batman's 75th Anniversary By Giving Him Every Cover In July

The Dark Knight is turning 75, and DC is celebrating by featuring the hero on variant covers for every one of their titles. The Batman 75th Anniversary variant covers hit shelves this July.

How Twee Are You?

Get ready to count your cardigans.

What's Going On With Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes?

Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes still dating?

Una tortuga irrumpe en una boda y fue muy dramático

¡EL ROMANTICISMO NO ESTÁ MUERTO! Un usuario de Reddit publicó fotos de la boda de su amigo en la playa y del invitado inesperado.

Rep. Steve King Accuses Chuck Schumer Of Representing Marxists

"Chuck Schumer represents the extreme outliers and they are socialists, marxists, progressives, liberal Democrats."

The Cast of "The Fault In Our Stars" Draws What Love Looks Like

John Green, Ansel Elgort, and Shailene Woodley show us what love looks like.

7 Tons Of Hummus Recalled For Possible Contamination

Lansal Inc., which distributes to Target and Trader Joe's under the name Hot Mama's Foods, recalled 14,860 pounds of hummus and dip.

African Human Rights Commission Adopts Continent's First Resolution Against Anti-LGBT Violence

"It’s a homegrown resolution saying we are human beings. ... There has never been anything like this before."

An Open Letter To Summer Fashion Trends

You might remember me from the scathing note I sent to your sister, the shrug sweater, in 1997. To recap, it said something like: “Why do you parade around like you are a real sweater when you are so obviously just a PART of a sweater?” This was a…

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Get ready to defend your flavor.

Finally, There's Conference Call Hold Music You'll Actually Want To Listen To

Being on hold just got a little more enjoyable...

Sources: Jessica Coen Stepping Down As Jezebel Editor-In-Chief

Gawker Media head Nick Denton has approached at least two women about taking over the site. "My husband, mortgage, and cat are all in Chicago," Coen said.

"Shield" Actor Michael Jace Charged With Murder Of His Wife

The 51-year-old actor could face 50 years to life in prison if convicted for the murder of his wife.

The 28 Most Portland Things That Have Ever Happened

Keep Portland weird. Okay, slow down. Not that weird.

"Pay Up Or Die" Billboard With Mannequin Dangling In A Noose Shocks Commuters In El Paso

The ominous message "Plata o Plomo," coupled with a dummy hanging in a noose, has triggered an investigation in El Paso, Texas.

7 Fun Facts About America's First Woman In Space

Sally Ride would be 63 on May 26th. Ride would likely see it as just another day instead of an opportunity to reflect upon her everlasting legacy.

Why A Facebook Employee Just Scared The Hell Out Of The Media

Facebook's head of ad product management attacked the state of today's media landscape. As observers quickly noted, however, it appears lost on him that the company he works for is perhaps most to blame.

Real Photos That Prove Society Is Doomed

We dare you to watch on your phone...

John Travolta Is In A Super Good Mood Lately

Wowza, the dude loves France, I guess.

19 veces que Victoria y David Beckham vistieron la moda tan horrible como lo hermosos que son

Durante el final de los 90 y principios de los 2000, Vic y Beck tomaron algunas decisiones muy interesantes de moda.

Ad From Nepal Uses Image Of 9/11 Attacks

And the tagline is pretty insensitive, too.

28 Colorful Nail Art Designs That Scream Summer

'Tis the season for mani-pedis.

The Worst Types Of Chutiyas, Chuts, And Chutads You Meet In India

WARNING: If you've ever partaken in chutiyapa or chutiyagiri, you might find yourself on this list. H/t Culture Machine.

Jennifer Lawrence's BFF Is A Bad Influence

Jennifer Lawrence tells Seth Meyers about her "terrible influence" of a best friend and getting told off by Miley Cyrus.

Party's Over, Kids: Abercrombie & Fitch Returns To "Retail 101"

Abercrombie and Fitch is attempting to revamp their stores by ditching the dark, club environment they were known for.

Indicted Republican Rep. Michael Grimm Runs Away From Reporter

Grimm did not seem to enjoy being staked out by a reporter.

How To Have An American Summer- According To Pottery Barn

We don't know how to be American, Pottery Barn can help.

Best Coffee Mugs To Do The Talking For You

Too tired to complain about how tired you are? Problem solved!

21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About D'Angelo

The elusive prodigy opened up last night in Brooklyn, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York.

The 43 Best Musicals Since 2000

In the last 14 years, the 21st century has already offered some incredible additions to the musical theater pantheon. These are the best new musicals, both on and off-Broadway.

Lobster Sucks: Famous Chefs Reveal The Most Over/underrated Seafood

You should probably stop knocking your friend who wants anchovies on the pizza.

What's Your Jorts Horoscope?

Wanna rock jorts extra hard this summer but don't even know where to begin? Never fear: It's already been written in the stars.

I Went To A Singles Mixer For People Obsessed With Death

On attending a cocktail hour for single people at Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Library and Museum.

21 Perfect Examples Of The Love Affair Between Morrissey And His Mexican Fans

"I'm throwing my arms around Los Angeles." — Moz

Which Badass LGBT Woman In History Are You?

So many ladies, so little time.

17 Things That Look Exactly Like Iggy Azalea

Alright, you guys need to chill.

Eric Orner's Comics Capture The Awkwardness Of Life In Israel

On awkward neighborly relations between Arabs and Jews, and shady real estate schemed aimed to gentrify poor Arab neighborhoods.

14 Awesomely Absurd Movie Posters From The Cannes Film Festival

There is a vampire musical staring a Backstreet Boy and a male Bridesmaids counterpart with Dustin Diamond and Metta World Peace. Seriously.

America's Most Productive Retailers In One Chart

Apple remains top of the heap in terms of sales per square foot, followed by Murphy USA, Tiffany & Co. and Michael Kors, according to new data from eMarketer.

Mulheres adotam o movimento fitness “Progresso Reverso” e aprendem a amar seus corpos

Duas mulheres amantes do fitness mostram tudo ao compartilhar (e amar) seu corpo após ganharem peso.

If Pop Songs Were Works Of Fiction

"I entered as a wrecking ball might."

The 25-Year-Old Filmmaker Who's The King Of Cannes

Canada's Xavier Dolan has already made five movies — and he's only halfway through his twenties.

La clasificación definitiva de los uniformes de cada país para la Copa del Mundo 2014

El fútbol es sólo un juego, pero esto... Esto es moda.

How Much Do You Need To Earn To Buy A Nice Home?

There are two ways to look at that: simple and hard. The simple answer is mainly math, covering such things as mortgage interest rate, size of down payment and cost of the home. The harder look adds issues including how secure your job is, how many…

The 11 Most Awkward Moments That Happen When You Physically Greet Someone

In the distant future, we probably won't physically greet each other at all. Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow.

11 Years Of Nerdy Birthdays As Told By DIY Gift Wrapping

Every year I wrap my husband's gifts as something fun. This comes from when I first started dating my husband. I bought him a pool cue for his Birthday and I went to his best friend's house to wrap it. His pal also had a bunch of presents for him.We came to the conclusion that my husband would guess almost immediately what I had bought him from the shape of the gift. So we had the brilliant idea to combine all the presents into one MEGAGIFT. This megagift ended up having the shape of a gnome so we rolled with it. Now ever year the presents are wrapped as something else.

67 Things That Happen Every Time You Go Out For Dinner With Friends

Friends are the best. Until you try to get them to eat food together.

Watch These Syrian Refugee Children Dance Through A "Happy" Video

There are over 200,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq — and the numbers are rising each day.

Look How Hard Facebook And Google Are Fighting For Your Attention

Both companies have spent billions on tech acquisitions in the last few years, and the battle's only intensifying.

6 Horrible Types Of Kissers

All very different but nonetheless equally terrible

Obama Promised To Make Veterans Affairs A "Leader Of National Health Care Reform"

"Make the VA a leader of national health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible."

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): David Koechner

The actor responsible for bringing the phrase "Whammy!" into your vocabulary takes our Q&A.

This Couple's Incredible Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Puts All Other Weddings To Shame

“The [Wizarding] World is so encompassing, you can get lost in it."

15 Deeply Strange Old English Recipes That You Won't Want To Try At Home

There were no supermarkets in the past, but that's no excuse for eating badger ham and sparrows on toast. H/T to The Curious Cookbook and Supersizers.

22 Places Yogendra Yadav Is Sleeping

Zzzzzzzzzzz. After allegedly posed photos were released of Yogendra Yadav sleeping in police custody, Twitter responded the only way it knows how: MEMES.

Key House Democrat Questions Obama's Failure To Pick An Ambassador To Ireland

“I know that the president has a great deal on his plate, but I do think that given the most recent events, we need to have a strong presence in Ireland," Rep. Joe Crowley says of year-and-a-half delay.

This Is What Celebrities Actually Look Like Without Makeup

And these really are #nomakeup selfies.

Respuestas a 13 preguntas que no hiciste porque te sentías demasiado avergonzado

Incluyendo cosas como sonrojarse, bostezar, hipo y cielos azules.

50 Democratic Senators To NFL: Change The Washington Redskins' Name

They cite the NBA's rebuke of owner Donald Sterling. Republicans were not asked to sign the letter.

Who's Who In Online Dating

So I've done the online dating thing and I've discovered a few things about the online dating community; some funny, some scary, some sad but all true!!

53 Thoughts I Had While Hitting Against Mariano Rivera

Yeah, I can't believe it happened either.

Low-Budget Beasts Is The Hilarious Disney Tumblr You Never Knew You Needed

This new blog collects photos of the beast costumes from low-budget stage productions of Beauty and the Beast. And it's awesome.

And The Next Target Designer Collab Is...

Target has just announced that the Altuzarra will be their next designer collaboration. Refinery29 reports on the announcement and when it'll be available.

29 Ways To Get Kicked In The Testicles, Defined


11 Summer Cocktails To Go With Your Beach Reading

Because what goes better with a good book than a stiff drink?

19 Maneras de rellenar una fresa

Por ejemplo: con tarta de queso.

Facebook Makes A Major Change To Its Privacy Policies

After years of complaints the social network changes the default privacy settings for new user posts from "Public" to "Friends Only."

Edward Snowden Takes A Selfie With Glenn Greenwald

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Laura Poitras reunite in Moscow.

20 Fan Theories About What Elsa’s Role Will Be On “Once Upon A Time”

No one can let this go. SPOILERS if you haven't seen the Season 3 finale of Once Upon A Time.

Jennifer Lawrence Made A "Rape Joke" And A Lot Of People Are "Outraged"

A reporter allegedly overheard JLaw making a "rape joke" and wrote about it on the internet. Everyone is now mad. Allegedly.

42 Times Blake Shelton Has Publicly Played With Himself

It's no secret that The Voice's resident country crooner loves tweeting about his playlist. Let's call it #masterblaking.

5 Mexican Authors Chipotle Forgot About

Chipotle forgot to include Mexican or Mexican-American authors in their new literary campaign. Oops. Here are a few award-winning authors who should have come to mind. #WeNeedDiversity

This Is How The Internet Responded To The European Elections

It's the most wonderful day of the electoral cycle.

Grandparents Videos That Make You Laugh Or Make You Cry

Look at these short videos about grandparents who enjoy being connected to loved ones or others via the Internet.

22 mecs canons avec des bébés

Ou comment être à la fois attendri et excité.

10 Movies That Actually Taught Us Realistic Love Lessons

Stop moaning about how movies gave you wrong expectations about love because you can actually learn helpful things… from some of them.

E se os personagens de “Game of Thrones” fossem desenhados pela Disney?

Para começar, provavelmente seria um pouco menos sangrento.

Jorts: An Oral History

The world's leading experts on jorts finally speak out.

Las 18 guaridas de gatos más lindas

Honestamente, la clave puede ser "Pez espada".

19 razões que mostram que este usuário do Instragram é dono do cachorro mais calmo do mundo

Lal, o braco alemão de pelo curto de Samuel Jurcic, não se abala com nada. NADA.


Great summer nom! This is how I make this traditional dish, but like all good recipes there is a myriad of variations. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

Jennifer Lawrence Drunkenly Puked In Front Of Miley Cyrus At An Oscars After-Party

And Miley told her to get it together. Possibly our favourite celeb story of all time.

Ed Miliband Ate A Bacon Sandwich And Accidentally Created A Meme

The Labour leader has been munching his way through history.

Devour Books Not Braaaaaaaaaains

Kohanim’s Zombie Novels List

Si los personajes de "Game of Thrones" fueran dibujados por Disney

Probablemente sería un poco menos sangriento, para empezar.

7 Ways The BBC Needs To Change, According To The BBC

Former Sony boss Howard Stringer has some home truths for the BBC as it re-positions itself to compete in a digital economy and double its global weekly reach to 500 million.


Google Game Of Thrones and you will find numerous fan sites with people obsessing and speculating over who will and should end up on the Iron Throne. Here's the most interesting and maybe sensible of all:

The Dinosaur That Survived A Mass Extinction

"All my friends are dead :(" – this dinosaur.

21 Glorious Anagrams Of Famous Brits

You couldn't make it up.

Windows 95 Predicted That We Would Use The Internet To Search For Cats

This post might feature Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

Watch Molly Shannon Explain The Really Weird Way She Gets Head Orgasms

Molly Shannon, the legendary former cast member of Saturday Night Live and the brilliant woman who brought us the armpit-sniffing Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher, really likes going to the airport. No, really. Last night, Shannon went…

12 Reasons Why Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) Is A Cute Puppy

He's a talented FBI, but he's also a puppy. Hugh Dancy did a great job on Hannibal *hoo-ray*

Lady Gaga Visits Patients At Children's Hospital, Melts All The Hearts

For this, she definitely deserves the applause.

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