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May 26, 2014

Is This Australia's Harshest Critic?

He's taken on everyone from Katy Perry to Iggy Azalea.

Rap Genius Co-Founder Resigns After Writing Offensive Comments On Elliot Rodger's Manifesto

Mahbod Moghadam, the co-founder of Rap Genius, has resigned after annotating the UCSB shooter's manifesto with comments like "beautifully written."

Las 100 fotos más importantes de los gatos de todos los tiempos

Bueno, esto es todo. Este es. Finalmente podemos apagar el internet e irnos a casa después de esto.

30 fenômenos naturais que você não vai acreditar que realmente existem

O mundo é mais bizarro do que você imagina. Inspirado por esta discussão no Reddit.

Banana and Sprite Challenge - Puke Montage - Eating Fire | Top Challenges #47

Subscribe to FunnyMeNow! Twitter: FB:

Hillary Clinton Spends A Day As Local Notable In Westchester

Memorial Day in Chappaqua. Getting in shape for...something.

Marking Africa Day On Twitter By Crowdsourcing Africa's Future Using #TheAfricaWeWant

#theafricawewant is collecting voices from across the continent and their hopes for what could come next.

20 Things Your Kids Will Never Experience

They'll never know the struggle.

11 Phrases Only Mexicans Say, Explained

No one knows true slang until they've heard Mexican slang.


Turns out, pugs can be spray painted...

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" Is Bryan Singer's Biggest Movie To Date

With his film's estimated $111 million debut over the four-day Memorial Day holiday, the embattled director finally has some good news.

15 Crazy Facts About Kissing

Brush up on your smooch smarts.

Bill Clinton Speaks To Graduating Class At NYU Abu Dhabi, Raises Issue Of Labor Abuse On Campus

At the graduation ceremony, Clinton also noted he had received pressure not to attend because of the labor abuse associated with the new campus.

Jennifer Aniston's Fiancé Justin Theroux Spotted Out With Terry Richardson

Seems some celebrities are able to overlook Terry's sexual harassment allegations.

22 fronteras internacionales asombrosas de todo el mundo

Desde Norte América hasta el Medio Oriente, aquí están algunas de las mejores imágenes de las fronteras internacionales. Échale un vistazo al hilo de ejecución completo en Quora, la inspiración de esta lista.

Awwwwww....Shelter Pets Thank The Volunteers Who Helped Them

For Volunteer Appreciation week at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, the animals got a chance to say thanks to the volunteers and foster families who helped them.

Heartwarming Military Confessions

Happy Memorial Day! All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

15 Delicious Ways To Eat Berries This Summer

Berries and summer just go together...

The Midseason Finale Of “Mad Men” Is One Giant Leap Forward

Don't be fooled: Matthew Weiner’s period drama has always been about the future. Warning: Contains spoilers for “Waterloo.”

Change The Way You Look At Pregnancy

Beautiful bodies like you’ve never seen them before. Based on Ashlee Wells Jackson's 4th Trimester Bodies Project.

The Most Entertaining Way To Waste Time On YouTube

Use the number keys on your keyboard to make a live remix of anything you're watching... like this!

Presenting Korea's Teddy Bear Farm: 31 Photos Of Your GrandMother's Dream.

This is pretty much your grandma's disneyland. Unless you are REALLY into teddy bears. A collection of photos to show you Korea's kitchy, teddy bear loving side.

35 images très perturbantes

Lecteurs sensibles s'abstenir.

Esta pareja de esposos hacen coreografías juntos y es algo súper sexy

Conoce a Keone y Mariel Madrid, coreógrafos y bailarines (y UNOS CUERPAZOS) extraordinarios.

Hundreds Of People Chased A Cheese Down A Steep Hill And It Was Wonderful

It's the annual cheese rolling contest in Gloucestershire.

23 receitas que imitam as suas ‘fast foods’ preferidas

Só falta você abrir o seu próprio drive-thru.

Fierce Battle Breaks Out At East Ukraine Airport

Ukraine's army clashed fiercely with rebels who seized the airport in the eastern city of Donetsk Monday.

Unstable Conditions Puts Search On Hold For Three Missing After Massive Colorado Mudslide

Authorities are searching for three people after a massive mudslide hit western Colorado following a long weekend of rain in the area. UPDATE: The search has been put on hold because of unstable conditions and risk of another slide.

22 Cats Who Are Really Good At Being Alarm Clocks

Where is their snooze button???

14 Outlet Stores You Never Knew You Could Shop Online

Forget trekking to some outlet mall in the middle of nowhere. You can now shop these amazing outlet stores online.

As 10 versões mais pitorescas de É o Tchan

Essa é a mistura do Brasil com basicamente qualquer coisa.

37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know

Get even more thorough with your cleaning, while saving time in the long run.

Tell Us About Yourselfie: Kat Graham

The actress takes our Q&A!


We all thought he’d been keeping his head down, until…

41 fotografías que esperan cambiar el modo en que vemos el cuerpo después del embarazo

"La gente suele decir que la belleza se encuentra en el ojo del espectador, y yo digo que lo más liberador de la belleza es darte cuenta de que tú eres el espectador". -Salma Hayek

17 Easy Ways To Put Pizza On Everything

No pizza dough? No problem.

Do The European Elections Signal The End Of The EU As We Know It?

Across Europe voters have rejected the political elite, turning in their droves to radical nationalist parties that want to see the end of the European Union.

31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Who needs an iPad when you've got a cardboard box?

55 coisas que você não sabia sobre a Turma da Mônica

Você conhece Jimmy Five, Chuck Billy e Maggy? Se você já leu uma revistinha do Cebolinha, do Chico Bento ou da Magali, é certeza que sim...

26 crianças que simplesmente não estão nem aí

É tudo diversão e brincadeira até uma criança estragar tudo.

28 Guys Who Nailed The Whole Short Shorts Thing

Skies out, thighs out, AMIRITE?!

How To Have An ICPC Cheering Party

The NBA and the World Cup are nice, but make some time in June to watch the world's biggest event in computer programming: The International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, which will come to you from Ekaterinburg, Russia

50 fotos de archivo totalmente inexplicables que nadie usará jamás

Bueno, excepto por ahora. Muchísimas gracias a Awkward Stock Photos y a r/wtfstockphotos por muchas de estas.

20 Children's Names Of The Future Based On Today's Pop Culture

The TV now names our children. Deal with it.

10 Cats With Human Eyes

10 cat images guaranteed to haunt your dreams! - You've been warned

The Funniest Twitter Responses To The European Parliament Election Results

"At least Nick Griffin lost his seat" – pretty much everyone.

10 Best Celeb Selfies From Radio 1's Big Weekend In Glasgow

With so many celebs in one place, it was only ever going to be inevitable that there would be selfies galore! Here's a selection of our favourites.... But who will take the Number 1 spot?

These Are Things To Avoid Eating Before You Go On A Boat

BuzzFeed Oz just went whale watching. It was awesome, but I was sick.

Suck It, Canada. Lady Gaga Has No Pants

For Justin Bieber and KD Lang and Michael Buble and Ellen Page and Dead Cory Monteith and Drake and everybody not named Rush or Triumph or Gretzky, here’s Lady Gaga wearing no pants in the streets of Winnipeg. I don’t know why she’s not wearing…

What Seeing Taking Back Sunday At Age 21 Taught Me

Because you're never too old to feel young.

15 Questions You Should Never Ask A College Student

It's not easy being a student. Especially when you are being asked questions like these. *sigh*

Why Jeff Goldblum Gives Me The "Oh" And The "Um" And The "Ah"

Jeff Goldblum is one of the most amazing people currently on Earth, even though he probably isn't from here...

Lana Del Rey Releases New Sultry Single "Shades Of Cool"

Just days after performing at the Kimye wedding, Lana Del Rey shares the second single off her upcoming album Ultraviolence.

Kim Kardashian Wore Balmain Wedding Dress To Reception

Kim Kardashian changed into a Balmain dress for her wedding reception.

11 Of The Most Heartwarming Soldier Homecomings

Get your Kleenexes ready. Thank you to our troops.

20 Photos That Prove Furby Is The Spawn Of Satan

wee-tah-kah-loo-loo. Translated: LET ME TAKE YOU TO HELL.

Morgan Freeman On Helium

This is the Fridayest link of all time: Morgan Freeman talking while on helium. I'm not even gonna Kottke this up by explaining

The Korean Secret To Poreless Skin

You’ve heard it all before: "American BB is not like the Korean BB; Korean makeup is a decade ahead in science." Yet, when you ask around as to why, what, and how the Korean approach to cosmetics — especially to base makeup — is so different, the… In Western cosmetics, the product is expected to perform. It has to do so in coverage, tone, and skin type for every millimeter of your face to be considered a quality primper. This then leads to the inevitable need for you to relegate yourself to a specific skin category. And, this expectation for the "perfect foundation" to fight all of our complexion’s shortcomings puts enormous pressure on finding that Holy Grail item, when, in reality, your face is a complex canvas of micro-climates of varying needs. In Korea, it's you who must work to get the look, not the product. The Korean phrase for applying base makeup literally translates to "expressing the skin," the diction revealing the care with which this act is carried out. Because you are your own makeup artist, the products are mere players in your hands, fluid in purpose and method. If your skin type is different from forehead to cheek, for example, you may use two different foundations or a mist to change the texture of the product when it's applied to different parts. A Korean woman doesn't wait for some miraculous, chameleon foundation but instead concocts a base/touch-up combination and application that caters to her specific needs. This sense of artistry and creativity in consumers is what led to inventions of BB creams and cushion compacts, multitasking products with components that are carefully calibrated to cancel out each other’s faults, mirroring what the consumers have been doing for years. Even if you don’t have Korean products, you can customize your own skin expression according to these methods while using your own cosmetics. Koreans believe all women are beautiful when they spend time on themselves, so remember to slow down and make deliberate, slow movements. When it comes to their skin, Koreans strive for perfection — and perfection takes time. Click through to see four different, common methods of skin expression, and learn how to do them yourself. Begin Slideshow

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