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May 27, 2014

Watch This Boy Band Attempt To Sing While Getting Off

A couple of weeks ago, Dutch girl group ADAM had viral success with their most recent music video. The clip featured the band's four members singing their part to the song while having orgasms via sex toys. While it took a steady increase of speed…

Why Would A Hoe Be Loyal? Tink Has The Answers

It’s approaching the end of May, and a shittily perfect Chris Brown song that came out in December (largely neglected in the shadow of a glorious Beyonce release) is still dominating radio, club, strip club and bodega air play. I’m not going to… There is, of course, a tension in enjoying this song…

IG Recap: Chameleons Extreme Beauty And Chanel Photo

Due to the long weekend I wasn't able to update you on my past week yesterday SO here it is today! Take a look through my past 7 days of Instagram including Extreme Beauty, Chanel and my new green 4 legged friend! How did you spend your Memorial Day?! View last week's

Mad Men Season Finale: "The Best Things In Life Are Free"

Sunday night’s Mad Men marked the last episode before we start back up again in 2015—2015!—with the final seven episodes of the last season. It was called “Waterloo” and yes, there were Napoleon references. But more than Napoleonic wars, the threads…

NYC's 17 Best Bar And Restaurant Openings From May

Japanese ramen and Korean soups combine at this take-out shop for the perfect on-the-go meal. Braised pork, seasoned kimchis, and spicy tofu top Korean ramen while disco fries are topped with kimchi and cheese. At night you can sit and down a few…

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