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May 21, 2014

What Is Your Instagram Band Name?

Play this game with your Instagram to find out your fake band name and album art.

This Is Why You Don't Let Fans Pick World Cup Team Slogans

This is what happens when you let the internet decide things.

What Does The Cover Of Your Autobiography Look Like?

Old school internet game time, y'all.

Change The Way You Eat At McDonald’s

Maybe you shouldn't eat the salad this time...

The Future Of Fab Is Once Again In Doubt

Fab employees were told by the company's human resources department not to come into the office for work today.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Mike Fleck, An Out Gay Republican, Could Lose Seat

One of the state's two out gay lawmakers said his political future is uncertain after what he described as a "vicious" and "personal" campaign against him.

U.S. Deploys Troops To Chad To Aid In Search For Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls

The 80 members of the military will assist in the hunt for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram, President Obama said. The force will stay in Chad until its support is no longer necessary, he said.

17 Catchy Songs You Should Add To Your Summer Playlist

The scientific best songs for the summer of 2014. Based upon how loudly you can sing from your car with the windows down.

17 Merit Badges You Should Have Earned In College

Because you paid too much to only earn a degree.

Missing California Woman Held Captive For 10 Years Found Alive

Isidro Garcia told the woman her family gave up looking for her and would be deported if she contacted them. She finally escaped after reaching out on Facebook.

Montana Gov., U.S. Senators Support New Challenge To State's Same-Sex Marriage Ban

"I look forward to a future where all Montanans have the opportunity to marry the person they love," Gov. Steve Bullock said shortly after the suit was filed.

Anchorman Quotes For Any Given Situation

Use these when you're...

NPR Staffers Worry About Diversity With End Of "Tell Me More"

"They want people of color in a very small box. They don't want to challenge that idea."

New Report On Chemical Weapons Use In Syria Draws No Response From U.S. Government

Two weeks after it delivered a new report on alleged use of chlorine in attacks on civilians in Syria, the Syrian American Medical Society says various agencies have failed to respond.

Attention: Sebastian Stan Is Who Your Heart Should Lust For

Those eyes. That hair. His everything.

Robert Pattinson Would Prefer To Never Ever Be Photographed Again

That story and more in today's gossip roundup!

Meet The Hottest Soccer Referee Ever

You'll know when you're out of line.

17 Simple Joys That You Won't Find On The App Store

Because there isn't an app for everything.

PHOTOS: The Pretty Little Liars Heat Things Up In June's GQ

The cast of Pretty Little Liars heated things up by the pool for the new June issue of GQ Magazine. Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario all got glammed up and into their for this steamy shoot. It’s so fun and playful but…

Una guía de 13 pasos para matar a un bicho tú mismo

Porque a veces te encuentras solo y gritar "MAMÁAAAAAA" simplemente no funciona. Comienza la presión.

Democratic Congressman Delivers Passionate Floor Speech On VA Scandal: "They Told A Damn Lie"

Rep. David Scott, a Democrat from Georgia expressed anger and disappointed in the Obama Administration over the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal that left 40 veterans dead.

This Wall Of Wiggling Penises Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

Artist and designer Peiqi Su's thesis project at NYU's ITP graduate program is hypnotically weird. She 3D printed 81 penises and fitted them with motors and an ultrasonic motion sensor and hacked them to respond to viewers' movements or,…

28 Struggles Only Hijabis Will Understand

"Do you shower in it?" SERIOUSLY?

Riverhead Books Celebrates Cultural Diversity!

The United Nations has recognized May 21 as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, so we find it only fitting to list a few reading recommendations that explore cultures both near, and far:

19 Photos Of People Who Totally Did Prom Better Than You

Some kids just know how to do high school right!

Sophia Bush Isn't Playing By Hollywood's Rules

While most celebrity Twitter feeds are dominated by endless selfies, mindless musings, and photos designed to incite FOMO, the Chicago P.D. star is using social media to connect with fans on a personal level and inspire change — 140 characters at a time.

10 Sounds That Used To Be Mundane And Are Now Terrifying

Totally mundane sounds become instantly terrifying when you lower their pitch.

Top 7 WWE Tag Team Champions Of All Time

While The Hart Foundation would eventually include a large stable of wrestlers, the original tag team of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart was one of the best two-man teams in the history of the WWE. The team only held the Tag Team… With the help of their legendary manager, Jimmy Hart, The Hitman and The Anvil won their first tag team championship from The British Bulldogs. That first reign lasted 10 months, with the team eventually dropping the belts to Strike Force. The team would go on to feud with other great tag teams of the time including Brain Busters, The Rockers (feature Bret Hart's longtime rival Shawn Michaels), and Demolition.

What It's Actually Like To Have Your Astrological Chart Read

What happens when two frequent horoscope readers (but admitted skeptics) get their charts read by the AstroTwins.

How ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Are You Actually?

Throw your hands in the air 'cause you just don't care.

Um ranking definitivo da dancinhas do Pitbull

Quer dizer, do “Sr. Dançarino Mundial”.

30 Food Facts That'll Make You Feel Weird In Less Than Six Seconds

Tap the screen to pause on a fact. No sound needed.

GQ: Pretty Little Photoshopped?

"Flaw and individuality, to me, are what make a human being interesting." - Troian Bellisario

Malaysian Court To Decide If Sharia Law That Criminalizes Transwomen Violates Their Rights

”We’re challenging the constitutionality of state Sharia law, which has never been done before.”

Keep Calm And #MarryHarry

The Twitterverse was all over the premiere of I Wanna Marry Harry. Here are the top tweets and topics covered ICYMI. {Warning - spoilers below}

16 Kids Completely Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Why yes I am riding a unicorn bicycle AND WHAT OF IT???

17 Things Only People Who Love Ketchup Will Understand

Got 99 problems but the ketch ain't one.

A Gif(t) To Get You Through Humpday.

It has nothing to do with it being wednesday but it's so damn good.

36 Reasons Philadelphia May Be The Weirdest City

Love you, Philly, but you're basically the Florida of the North.

"Orange Is The New Black" Writer Lauren Morelli Comes Out In Touching Essay

"I went through it all on set: I fell in love with a woman, and I watched my life play out on screen."

75 Things To Do If Your Menstrual Cup Is Stuck Inside You

The directions literally say "don't panic." Lol.

23 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now

And by dead, I mean not dead at all. Obviously!

13 fotos lindas que retratam a relação das mulheres com a bola no País do futebol

"As Donas da Bola" mostra como elas torcem, jogam, brincam e participam do esporte que virou uma identidade brasileira.

Children Draw Heartbreaking Pictures Of The Genocide In Darfur

“This is still a live issue — the situation in Darfur is worsening."

Tiny Baby Goat Takes First Steps With Tiny Baby Goat Wheelchair

Via Modern Farmer, please meet Frosty: a perfect little creature who was born with a condition that filled his back legs with terrible baby goat poison ("pus and toxins," according to the video), immobilizing him until the good hearts at Edgar's… Edgar’s Mission was founded by Pam Ahern and named after her first rescued pig, Edgar. Edgar Alan Pig, aka “the pig who started it all” sadly passed away shortly after his 7th birthday party in April 2010. EDGAR ALAN PIG. …

29 Hair Tutorials That Will Help You Look Like Your Favorite Celebrities

The makeup has been covered and now onto luscious locks!

The New "Wolfenstein" Is Stupid, Violent, Ridiculous, And Perfect

Why The New Order could be a fresh start for shooters.

Watch Two Iranian Girls Crash Their Car While Singing For A Selfie Video

A lesson in why you shouldn't make karaoke selfies while driving.

How Many '90s Kids TV Shows Have You Seen?

Kids these days don't know what they've missed!

17 Books To Read After You Graduate High School

These literary works will more than help you navigate through post-high school life.

Senators Frustrated At "Bogus" Hearing Over 9/11 Military Authorization Law

"We're not here to say it should be repealed today," an administration official says.

What Color Best Describes Your Inner Personality?

All the colors of the rainbow, and only one truly describes you.

Fotógrafo captura a existência solitária dos super-heróis

Grandes poderes também trazem grande solidão.

Humans Have Been Laughing At Cats Since The 1800s

LOLCAT ALERT. Or LOLPussy? Did people call cats pussies back then?

3 Essential Facts About The Male Orgasm

Yes, talking about how to "please your man" can be seen as a bit retrograde, out of context. But that's not what we're talking about here. If what you're looking for is an equal partnership with your main squeeze, then that should refer to orgasms…

30 Natural Phenomena You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Earth is more bizarre than you can ever imagine. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

10 Reasons Why Michael Chabon Should Be Your Spirit Guide

The celebrated author of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Wonder Boys, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay turns 51 on May 24. As part of an appreciation celebration, here are some words of wisdom and a few other reasons for why he should be the one to hold your hand throughout life.

10 Signs You're A Total Gemini

1. You were born between May 21 and June 21.

10 Songs That Prove Swedes Write The Best Break-Up Songs

Is it because of those dark gloomy winters? From haunting ballads to carefree tell-offs, Sweden has romantic failure covered.

Game Of Thrones Travel Is Now A Real-Ish Thing

One way trip from Winterfell (WFL) to King's Landing (KLA), please.

15 Things This Self-Help Author And Congressional Candidate Has Said About Magic And World Peace

Bestselling author Marianne Williamson could be California's newest member of Congress.

A Simple Reminder About Life

A simple but powerful moment of reflection from Vine star Reno Shaw.

If We Acted At Work Like We Act In Our Cars

Like your coworkers don't already drive you crazy...

Cute Chipmunk "Steals A Kiss" From A Rabbit

A Chipmunk eating bird seed near a Cottontail Rabbit inexplicably and very clearly "Steals a Kiss" from the Rabbit - plants one right between the eyes and runs away - leaving the stunned Rabbit to ponder - "what just happened" ?

Catholic School Apologizes For Picture Of "Poor Role Model" Ellen DeGeneres On Dance Invitation

"I need every single invitation returned and I will personally destroy them," the principal wrote.

26 problèmes que seuls les introvertis peuvent comprendre

Je t'aime bien mais arrête de parler.

Drew Barrymore Introduces Baby Frankie

Drew Barrymore introduces her month-old baby Frankie in an exclusive photo album.

23 Ways To Satisfy Your Cookie Dough Obsession

Cookie dough is more than a guilty pleasure. Cookie dough is a lifestyle choice.

15 Nombres de negocios que son fantásticamente malos

¿Quién fue el genio que nombró cada lugar?

22 problemas que só os homens vão entender

Ereções espontâneas o dia todo, todos os dias.

This Vine Of Ice-T Reciting Shakespeare Is Perfection

Alas, poor Yorick, he got bitch slapped.

Bartender Confidential: Anonymous Stories Of Evil From Behind The Bar

Although they're often misunderstood, most bartenders are genuinely good people who would never put their [REDACTED] in a beverage. But when a bartender reaches their breaking point, all bets are off. They can become vengeful, conniving…

This Is The Chaotic And Claustrophobic Scene In São Paulo’s Subway After A Bus Strike

Imagine when a little thing called The World Cup rolls around.

Should You Wear Jean Shorts?

It's a very important decision.

23 Niños que están listos para que este viaje de compras se acabe

¡Mamááá, dijiste que íbamos a agarrar dos cosas!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Elementary School Students Arrested After Poisoning Their Teacher

The Brooklyn teacher is recovering after two students, aged 9 and 12, put rat poison in her water bottle.

16 Of The Most Expensive Sodas You Can Buy

Old soda cans are a thing. And even better if they're unopened. Mmmm, 20-year-old Coke.

Boko Haram Attacks More Villages In Nigeria, Killing At Least 48

The militant group attacked three villages a day after two car bombs killed over 100 people in the central city of Jos.

26 People Who Are Too Stupid For Their Own Good

Humans have always been the most powerful, intelligent, and tenacious creatures on the planet. What happened to us?

10 Delicious Things To Make With Cashews

Whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan, a raw foodie, or a total nut job, you'll love what you can do with the cashew.

How You Know Spring Has Sprung In Chicago

People ask us how we can live in such a cold, dreary place. The answer? Spring.

Everything You Need To Know About Voting In The European Elections

Polls are open all day Thursday. This is how you select your MEPs.

10 Things You Should Know About Cat Ownership

Say goodbye to all your black clothes.

What Classic Bruce Springsteen Album Are You?

Were you Born To Run or to dance the E-Street Shuffle?

You Know You’re a UWaterloo Science Student When…

I created this BuzzFeed article to highlight the quirks of being a Science student at the University of Waterloo, from my own personal experience and those of others that I interviewed. If you are a future student looking at this, these will become even more clear after your first year here!

Columbia Seniors Wore Red Tape On Their Graduation Caps In Solidarity With Sexual Assault Survivors

"Demand justice and support for all survivors, even as a graduate of this institution," said an email sent to graduating seniors.

Why I Miss Being A Born-Again Christian

I spent my teen and college years deep in a conservative Bible bubble. Here's how abandoning my beliefs became the best thing I might always regret.

20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving

Hey, if the first step to a workout is "Put on a movie/TV show," I'm 100% down.

Facebook Is Making It Easier To Share Songs And Shows In Real Time

The company is rolling out a new update that enables users to share what they are listening to or watching based on recording audio.

19 cosas que seguramente desconocías sobre "UP" de Pixar

Un momento, ¿CUÁNTOS globos se necesitan para elevar una casa? !

People On Twitter Are Upset That The President's Speech Interrupted The Price Is Right

The people have spoken, and they choose the Showcase Showdown.

19 victoires du quotidien dans la vie d'un célibataire

Personne pour vous emmerder et vous piquer la moitié de votre dîner.

Five Bizarre Addictions The People Of This Earth Have

When you have an addiction, you will find yourself experiencing a very strong and often quite harmful need to have a particular thing or do a certain thing as often and as quickly as possible. Most people associate the word addiction with things such as drugs or gambling. In reality, there are many people with quite unusual addictions.

5 Drugstore Beauty Products You Need In Your Summer Arsenal

Let's face it — when all of the money from your summer job is being spent on poolside snack bar food and local happy hours, there isn't much left over for beauty products. With a trip to the drugstore, taking care of yourself this summer doesn't have to be expensive.

Obama Urges Patience On Veterans Health Care Scandal

The president hints that big changes are coming to the VA, but he says it's going to take some more time before they do.

Una clasificación definitiva de los pasos de baile de Pitbull

Más como el Mr. Bailarín que Mr. Worldwide.

THE List Of Things That'll Save Your Summer

From beach to backyard, these summer hacks are sure to impress!

11 Things You Missed At The 2014 Webby Awards

It was the internet party of the year.

38 Shameless Reasons To Be Thankful For The Godly Gift That Is Tom Daley

Because Tom is officially 20 years old today, which means he is no longer a teenage hunk but a full grown man hunk.

Britain First Has Quietly Become The Most Popular UK Political Party On Facebook

The far-right party's social media operation is getting seriously powerful. Whether that actually changes anything is a different matter.

Lo que los argentinos buscan en Google cuando de famosos se trata

Parece que el tema de la estatura es un punto débil.

13 Frustrating Stages Of Writer's Block That Everyone Can Relate To

We feel you. Whether it was typing a term paper in high school or trying to think of a non-Frozen related post for BuzzFeed, we've all experienced this.

These 15 Potential PornHub Adverts Are Hilariously Clever

Don't worry, everything here is SFW.

7 Literary Characters Benedict Cumberbatch Was Born To Play

These works have either had horrible adaptations or never made their way to film. What better way to bring them to the attention of the general public by adding the joy that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

What The Length Of Your Jorts Says About You

An important scientific analysis of Jorts.

Conan O'Brien Takes A Samurai Sword To The Stomach And It's Super Intense

So this is how they do it in the movies. (Warning: this gets kind of graphic.)

Do You Really Need To Go Gluten-Free?

Unless you actually have coeliac disease, it's probably not gluten you have a problem with.

How A Gadget Rental Startup Wants To Master The Returns Process

Lumoid, which just raised $1.1 million in new funding, is bringing a bit of data science into the world of renting and selling photography equipment.

California Woman Found Naked In Bed With A Knife And The Bodies Of Her Three Children

Carol Coronado is facing murder charges after being discovered by deputies in her home with the dead bodies of her 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and 2-month-old, according to reports.

African Homophobes Are Politicians, Not Lunatics, Writer Says

"To think that the Africans are doing something that has never been heard of — it's not fair," says the writer of new book about the impact of American anti-LGBT activists in Africa.

24 tipazos sosteniendo bebés

Ahhhhsdxjbbsdjbs *BABA*.

"I Wanna Marry Harry" Is A Reality Show Starring The Worst Prince Harry Lookalike In History

This opinion comes from a British person who knows what Prince Harry looks like.

These Porn Streaming Advertisements Are Surprisingly Clever And Totally SFW

A few months ago, we announced that Pornhub (the ever popular destination for free online adult entertainment) launched a call-to-entry for their first ever national ad campaign. The winner not only receives the high honor of beating out the…

How To Make Guinness Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Perfect for a boozy, stout float. Check out more boozy ice cream recipe here.

How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

Can you guess the play from just three panels?

How To Make Whiskey Lucky Charms Ice Cream

This could totally pass for breakfast, right? Check out more boozy ice cream recipes here.

37 Times Shawn Hunter From "Boy Meets World" Was A Total Dreamboat

"When it comes to affairs of the heart, I am king."

What Movie Actually Changed Your Life?

Whether it's Mean Girls or Citizen Kane.

How To Make Hot Chocolate Mezcal Ice Cream

What's not to like? Check out more boozy ice cream recipes here.

eBay Urges Users To Change Their Passwords After Security Breach

The company says there is no evidence that credit card information was stolen.

20 momentos épicos de mães, pais e parentes em geral usando o Facebook

A gente posta uma foto bebendo no bar ou uma reflexão profunda e elas vão lá e comentam "Deus te abençõe, lindo da mamãe".

What Is Your Personal Theme Song?

This song should play when you enter the room.

Rachel Bilson Is Pregnant, Sources Say

Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen are expecting their first child.

21 Things Overheard At The Chelsea Flower Show

The great British tradition of wandering around and being amazed at nature. All while nursing a glass of Pimms.

Charlie Day Should Just Give All Commencement Speeches

Imagine being given a legitimately inspirational speech by a guy who spends his free time in the sewers.

11 Nut Butters That Are Better Than Peanut Butter

The heavy-handed reign of peanut butter is OVER. Here are some other butters you can try instead! Bonus: they're easy to make.

A Favorite For Cannes' Top Prize Has Emerged

The impressive and relevant Two Days, One Night wowed at the Cannes Film Festival with a suspenseful tale of a woman (Marion Cotillard) battling to keep her job.

At Least 70 People Arrested In Child Porn Bust In New York City

A rabbi, a police officer, and a Boy Scout leader are among those charged.

24 Couples Every Twentysomething Knows

If you don't know them, you might be them.

Here's What You're Really Paying For Your Commute [Infographic]

Everyone complains about gas prices and commuting, but it's rare we actually know how much money is draining over the days, months, and years. CJ Pony Parts put together the following infographic, depicting gas prices and commuting stats (by car) in the U.S.

26 More Reasons To Love Minnesota

Lakes. Bob Dylan. Post-its. It's no wonder we Minnesotans are proud to call the North Star State home.

my dog

Here's a picture of my pet .

17 Reasons You Really Should Go See Coldplay Live

Time to "consciously couple" with sexiest band around.

Louis Vuitton Goes Royal, Debuts Cruise 2015 Collection In The Prince's Palace Of Monaco

A master collection of all 45 looks by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015.

20 Questionable Lifehacks You Probably Shouldn't Try

Thank you, Tumblr, for this treasure trove of...something.

Madonnas And Whores: On Mothers Writing About Sex

Like most moms, and most writers, I have had sex.

17 recetas de tostadas francesas que podrían cambiar tu mundo

El pan es aburrido. Pásame ese trozo de pastel.

J.J. Abrams Appears In His First Star Wars Teaser, And It's For Charity

The filmmaker, Lucasfilm, and Disney are teaming up with crowdfunding charity site Omaze to launch the new initiative Star Wars: Force for Change.

10 Greatest Whiskey Adverts EVER!

.....As if Whiskey needs any help selling itself!

Team Romney Thinks It's Winning The GOP Civil War

Mitt's biggest fans celebrate the triumph of Romney Republicanism in Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Idaho. "The Romney brand has had a real resurgence," says O'Brien.

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