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17 Great Works Of Literature That Would Be Vastly Improved By Jorts

The Jorts of Wrath, anyone?

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Lady Chatterly's Jorts and A Tale of Two Jorts

Lady Chatterly's Lover —— The plot: Lady Chatterly has a sexual awakening, in jorts.

A Tale of Two Jorts —— The plot: The lives of the peasantry in London and Paris in the years leading up to the French Revolution, in jorts.


Infinite Jorts

Julie Gerstein/Buzzfeed

The plot: There is a film cartridge called Infinite Jest that is apparently so entertaining that if you were to watch it you would lose all interest in anything else. Much of the book revolves around various characters' interactions with said cartridge, as well as the relationship between a high school tennis pro and his brother, the residents at a half way house, and a band of deadly wheelchair assassins (in jorts).