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23 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now

And by dead, I mean not dead at all. Obviously!

1. You know he's dead.

2. Oh, she's dead.

3. Dead.

4. You know he's dead.

5. Camera guy? Dead.

6. You know HE'S dead.

7. He's dead.

8. These bros? Dead.

9. Your boss? Dead.

10. Definitely dead.

11. You know she's dead.

12. Dead.

13. You know this fat man is dead. You know.

14. She's dead.

15. You know he's dead.

16. You know she's dead.

17. That little girl? Dead.

18. This kid? Dead.

19. He's done dead.

20. Dead.

21. She's dead.

22. Oh, he's dead.

23. And her? She's dead. Real dead.

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