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May 18, 2014

Ryan Gosling Emerges, Hops On A Plane To Cannes

WARNING: This set of photos will be the first of many for the week.

PUT YOUR HONESTY IN ME, LOUIS! 11 Reasons I Am Literally In Love With Louis CK

He's overweight, he's in his late forties, he's balding, he freely admits that he sweats constantly and is crap in bed but all I want in life is to marry Louis CK. Here's why:

AT&T Just Did Comcast A Huge Favor

The telecommunications giant's $67.1 billion for DirecTV indirectly makes the case for Comcast that it needs to merge with Time Warner Cable because competition is increasing.

Jay Z & Beyonce Break The Internet With Run Trailer

Jay Z and Beyonce released an epic trailer for their upcoming "On The Run" tour.

AT&T Buys DirecTV For $67 Billion In Second Major Deal To Reshape TV Industry

The deal, announced Sunday night after roughly a month of negotiations, follows Comcast's impending acquisition of Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. Both deals will face intense regulatory scrutiny.

Turkish Police Charge Three People With "Negligence" In Mine Disaster Investigation

Turkish authorities have detained 25 people in connection with the coal mine fire in Soma, Turkey, that killed 301 miners. Three have been indicted.

25 Things All Australians Will Find Funny

Warning: only sick c*nts will enjoy.

Hollywood's Big Gamble On Untested Directors Is Finally Paying Off

Godzilla, only the second film directed by Gareth Edwards, opened with $93.2 million. It's one of the best-ever debuts for a filmmaker who's never made a studio movie before.

Michael Jackson Will Perform As A Hologram At Tonight's Billboard Awards

Despite a lawsuit trying to stop the surprise performance, a judge has ruled tonight's show can continue according to plan.

Macklemore Apologizes For Costume That Resembled Jewish Stereotypes

During a surprise performance in Seattle on Friday night, Macklemore dressed up in an outfit seen by some as a collection of offensive Jewish stereotypes. Update: Macklemore has released an extended statement on his blog addressing the incident.

Sorry, Adult Industry, But No One Is Going To Pay For Porn

Last week, porn publishers Adult Empire, along with a number of adult stars, announced the launch of Pay For Your Porn, an online (and mostly Twitter-based) campaign intended to shame consumers into abandoning pirated porn. It's the same message…

12 People You Will Meet At A Fine Art Degree Show

It's that time of the year again; colleges and universities are putting on their best smiles to show off all of the fresh young artists they have birthed through years of tuition.

5 Reasons Why This Star Can Be A Politician

AllStar Matthew C Martino threw the political sector into overdrive in late 2013 after reports surfaced that the 21 year old could join the political ranks. However, aides close to the film producer/author have afterwards suggested that the young 'high society' bachelor can't run. We have then took it upon ourselves to compile reasons why we feel that Martino could run and could be a very successful politician at that.

Literal Game Of Thrones Intro

Ever wonder what is actually happening in the intro to Game of Thrones?

"Toy Story" Reimagined As A Horror Flick Is Wonderful

Woody's got some control issues, y'all.

14 Easy And Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

A thoughtful, personalized present that won't break the bank? Check.

The 33 Best Cocktail Bars In The Country

Over the course of many years here at Thrillist, we’ve written about cocktail bars in nearly every city across the US (and the world!), so it only made sense that we’d take that knowledge and pick out our 33 best cocktail bars in the country. We’re…

Which Country Queen Are You?

Are you fierce like Miranda, sweet like Taylor, or funny like Reba?

20 Totally Bizarre Hello Kitty Products

Official or not, the most amazing and bizarre Hello Kitty brand extensions spread through the internet, just to show how people (specially in asian countries) are so in love with this iconic Kawaii character. Take a look at 20 of the most unusual Hello kitty products around the Web.

Death Toll In North Korea Building Collapse Could Be In The Hundreds

The secretive country's news agency failed to give a death toll, but offered a rare apology for the collapse of a building that is believed to have been housing 92 families.

Brad Pitt Tosses A Beer To Matthew McConaughey Upon Realizing They Are Neighbors

No ridiculously good-looking famous actor to see here, folks. JK.

Chilean Miners Show Support For Survivors Of The Turkey Mine Disaster

Six of the 33 Chilean miners who survived in a collapsed copper mine for months in 2010 have expressed sympathy for the families of the 301 people who have died in Soma, Turkey.

See The Women In Famous Paintings Get The Photoshop Treatment

Unreasonable standards of beauty, much?

SNL Clears Up "Elevator-Gate" With Message From Fake Beyonce, Jay Z, And Solange

Maya Rudolph returned to do her impression and clear the air once and for all: they were drinkin' watermelon.

23 Times Wedding Planning Is Actually Totally Amazing

Getting ready for your big day doesn't have to be a pain in the ass.

11 extraños hábitos de los gatos que quizás nunca entenderemos

¿¿Por qué les gusta tanto mirar fijamente las paredes completamente vacías?? Y otras preguntas que tomamos de la página "Cat Versus Human".

The Untamed State Of Roxane Gay

One of the most prolific writers of our generation talks about not wanting her parents to read her work, insomnia, and having a Scrabble nemesis.

Boston Terrier's Trick

Mia catches the rabbit plush with its forepaws

33 Perfect Gifts For Book-Loving Babies

Just because they can't read yet doesn't mean they don't want to show off their deep love of literature.

31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want

Whether they're teething or in grade school, an ingenious invention will make your life so much easier.

29 Ways To Seriously Up Your Swimwear Game This Summer

Go beyond a bikini this time around and dress like a true queen.

21 Times This Lego Couple Was Better At Holiday Instagramming Than You

Follow this jet-setting Lego couple for more holiday snaps on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

19 Creative Ways To Insult George Osborne On Twitter

Poor Gideon. Contains NSFW language.

What Should Your Wedding Song Be?

Step out onto the dance floor.

A Teacher Hacked A Female Pupil's Mobile Phone To Investigate Her Love Life

The Telegraph reports that the incident took place at a school which some claim is at the centre of an Islamist plot.

23 People Who Really Aren't Very Good At Online Dating

Probably not the most romantic post you'll read today.

Thousands Of Women Are Being "Internet Girlfriends" For Money

What does the success of MyGirlFund tell us about our relationship with technology and how we interact with the opposite sex in the digital age?

8 Things You Probably Don't Know About Sudanese People

A cursory web search will inform you that Sudan was once the largest country in Africa and recently underwent the unique process of giving birth to the world's youngest nation of South Sudan. However, there is a lot more to the country than past glories and current human rights abuses. Meet the people of Sudan - introduced by Tagreed Abdin.

8 Simple Ways To Tell If A Beer Bar Is Serious

Is your favorite beer bar the real deal?

Here's The "Game Of Thrones" Dothraki Phrasebook You Were After

We all know the Dothraki Sea can be a somewhat dangerous place. Fortunately, there's now a phrasebook to help you get around.

British Inventor Creates Fully-Functioning Wolverine Claws

Now all he needs is an adamantium skeleton and mutant healing factor.

Your Mental Sorbet: Happy Days Pranks and Bloopers

Here is another "Mental Sorbet" that we could use to momentarily forget about those things that leave a bad taste in our mouths.

9 Vivid Portraits Of People Around The World Living On A Dollar A Day

More than a billion people around the world are believed to live on a dollar a day or less.

Jay Z And Beyoncé Just Released A Trailer For A Fake Movie We Will Never Get To Watch

The new "Run" trailer seems to promote their upcoming summer tour and features several celebrity cameos.

Did Heels Just Become A Whole Lot Less Painful?

Will this spray take the pain out of wearing heels?

27 British Men Who Should Fall In Love With Me ASAP

They'd treat a lady like royalty.

Boys Wear Skirts To School In France To Fight Sexism

"Lift the skirt" day was a pro-equality demonstration in Nantes, France, during which students of all genders were encouraged to wear skirts to school.

The Definitive Ranking Of Times When You Are The Most Hangry

You won't like me when I'm hungry AND angry.

4 Skin Care Lies You Need To Stop Believing

Did you know you should start using eye cream in your 20s? Dermalogica's top skin expert debunks the myths and bad habits we need to re-learn, now.

Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long May Be Hollywood's Realest Couple

Amanda Seyfried talks to Ellen DeGeneres about dating Justin Long and being a "Bachelor" junkie.

Ask Baba Yaga: Was It A Bad Idea To Break Up With My Extremely Kind, Extremely Boring Boyfriend?

Transcript after the jump. Dear Baba Yaga, I recently broke up with my boyfriend, who is one of the kindest and most boring people I have ever met. Was that the right choice? Doesn’t boringness cancel out kindness? Will I find someone kind and interesting? BABA YAGA: If a man is a stump filled ; with goodness, he is still a stump.  Choose men as alive as you want to be in yr own human flesh. Previously: "How Can I Stop Feeling Like My Chronic Illness Is a Curse?" Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers…

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