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May 17, 2014

30 fotos de animales que te harán ser una mejor persona

Cuando, dentro de algunos años, te pregunten tus adorados admiradores cuál fue el momento que cambió tu vida, responderás breve pero enigmáticamente: "Todo comenzó con un gracioso perro que entretuvo con éxito a un bebé...".

My Battle With My Big Naturals

I’m lying on a table in a fancy pink clinic, holding my massive right breast—engorged with milk and infection—to keep it from rolling into my armpit. When I move, the lemon-sized lump shoots daggers of white fire through my body. My all-natural,…

The Kendall Jenner Primer: Why We Are Watching Her

With all the buzz about Kim's imminent nuptials and the unfortunate report of Khloé's divorce, it's easy to forget the Kardashian klan is actually more than just two women. And, there's no one better to remind us of that than Kendall Jenner, the… Begin Slideshow

Jeffree Fan Friday: Warped Tour Meet & Greets Photo

Like I promised, I have another Fan Friday gallery for you all! Warped Tour is approaching so I pulled together some of my favorite fan meet and greet photos from past Warped Tour dates! I wonder if you're in any of these ;) I hope to see YOU ALL at…

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