17 Boozy Ice Creams

Two birds, one stone.

1. Hot Chocolate Mezcal Ice Cream

Brian Leatart

Recipe here.

ID: 2945125

2. Guinness Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Brian Leatart

Recipe here.

ID: 2945188

3. Whiskey Lucky Charms Ice Cream

Brian Leatart

Recipe here.

ID: 2945310

4. Brown Bread and Rum Ice Cream

Sneh Roy /

Recipe here.

ID: 2976381

5. Frangelico and Coffee No-Churn Ice Cream

Sarah Kieffer /

Recipe here.

ID: 2863528

6. Irish Whiskey Ice Cream

For those of you that are a little more “vanilla.” Recipe here.

ID: 2862986

7. Sweet Potato, Blackstrap, and Whiskey Ice Cream with Torched Marshmallows

Maria Siriano /

Like a creamy, boozy pie. Recipe here.

ID: 2862993

8. Fernet-Branca Ice Cream with Pear-Ginger Swirl

Danguole Lekaviciute /

Fernet is an anise-based liqueur (read: tastes like licorice), so this ice cream has a deep, distinct flavor. Recipe here.

ID: 2863059

9. Avocado Tequila Ice Cream

Jeanine Thurston /

Ready to party. Recipe here.

ID: 2863186

10. Patrón XO Cafe Ice Cream

Samantha Linsell /

For those of you who take your coffee with an extra shot. Recipe here.

ID: 2863272

11. Kaffir Lime and Gin Ice Cream

Max Falcowitz /

An exotic gina and tonic, in dessert form. Recipe here.

ID: 2863290

12. Baileys Mint Oreo Ice Cream

Mint shotcolate chip. Recipe here.

ID: 2863553

13. Brown Ale Ice Cream with Salty Caramel

Beatrix Horváth-Gallai /

Best served in a stein. Recipe here.

ID: 2863582

14. Red Wine Ice Cream

Jo VanDerWolf /

Recipe here.

ID: 2863655

15. Burnt Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate Toffee

Jessica Merchant /

Bourbon forever. The burnt caramel and chocolate are just bonus. Recipe here.

ID: 2862810

16. Maple Whiskey Ice Cream with Candied Bacon

Natalie McLaury /

Suitable for breakfast. Recipe here.

ID: 2862896

17. Blood Orange and Campari Ice Cream

Recipe here.

ID: 2864115

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ID: 2976449

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