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Two Straight Guys Learn What It's Like To Be Drag Queens

From doing their own makeup to walking in six-inch stiletto boots, these men learn how to be an Angel in Broadway's Kinky Boots.

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Two of BuzzFeed's editors were invited to Broadway's Kinky Boots to learn how to do drag makeup and walk in six-inch boots. The guys found out just how much effort goes into getting ready for a show.

Meet our Angels, Widdi Bantour (Kyle) and CeCe Easyflaps (Paul). They do their own makeup each show and strut around in stylish costumes.


Step 2: Apply bright and dramatic eye shadow that can be seen from 20 rows back.

If you want everyone in the theater to see your work, you've got to put some pop in the color.

Step 3: Draw on eyebrows.

Gavon had help so he basically cheated, and poor Isaac had to resort to making his eyebrows blue because they are Sandy Cohen status.


Step 6: Glue on fake eyelashes and please don't poke yourself in the eye.

This took a solid five minutes to nail down, but they got through it.


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