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16 Pairs Of The Most Epic DIY Jorts You've Ever Seen

BuzzFeed had a jorts-making party and created some of the best jorts ever.

This is what life was like before jorts.

Everything was OK, but our legs were so confined.

Something had to be done to pull us out of our collective denim stupor.

Something...like making JORTS!

First we cut our confining pants into SHORTS.

And then we DIY'ed and personalized them, using paint, feathers, fringe, and more.

Check out those pom-poms!

Nice paint job!

Great crafting!

The result?

Sami's sweet shorts feature fringe, bows, grommets, and more.

Ryan explored his emo roots.

Tanner and Jack dedicated their jorts to faded cultural institutions.

(And cats!)

Spencer and Erin showed that jorts bring friends together.

Here, Spencer models his pipe cleaner-tastic pair.

Chelsea created an ode to animals.

Saeed kept things classic.

Chris created a gorgeous colorscape on her jorts.

Julie made a love letter to jorts on her jorts.

Rachel made a pair to shut down the haters.

(Her jorts say "hi haters.")

Dave expressed his conservative side.

Sandra sparkled with metallic grommets.

Emmy had a metaphorical cat-and-mouse game going on.

Lindsey's jorts channeled creepy Twin Peaks vibes.

And Matt was...the elusive chanteuse.

Where once we'd been senselessly bogged down with extra fabric around our ankles and calves, now we could finally LIVE! Our legs were FREE! Our shins could breathe! We had SELF-ACTUALIZED, and in the process OUR JORTS DREAMS had become our new reality.


Check out a video of us showing off our great jorts designs on VH1's Big Morning Buzz!