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Jorts Week

Jorts Week

Dear Men, You Seriously Need To Stop Wearing Jorts

Consider this your public service announcement.

Which Pair Of Jorts Are You?

Clearly you aren't some cargo pants.

Who Is Your Jorts Soulmate?

Get in touch with your inner jort.

What's Your Jorts Horoscope?

Wanna rock jorts extra hard this summer but don't even know where to begin? Never fear: It's already been written in the stars.

Jorts: An Oral History

The world's leading experts on jorts finally speak out.

Should You Wear Jean Shorts?

It's a very important decision.

What The Length Of Your Jorts Says About You

An important scientific analysis of Jorts.

15 DIY Items To Make From Leftover Jorts

When life gives you jorts, make a jop top.

The True Meaning Of Jorts

I swore off wearing jean shorts for 15 years until I unlocked their true essence.

16 Pairs Of The Most Epic DIY Jorts You've Ever Seen

BuzzFeed had a jorts-making party and created some of the best jorts ever.

18 Animals Celebrating Jorts Week

Jorts just got even cuter.

26 Things That Would Have Been Better With Jorts

Besides literally everything.

A Comprehensive Guide To Making The Cutoffs Of Your Dreams

There are dozens of ways to customize cutoffs. DOZENS!

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