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31 Graduation Caps That Absolutely Nailed It

Hats off to these grads.

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1. This party animal's cap.

2. And this Harry Potter fan's.

6. Lego fans represented too.

8. This one will have Star Wars fans saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"

10. One graduate put her art degree to use with this impressive version of Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

11. Another deserves 15 minutes of fame for this Warhol-inspired cap.

The creators of these next several caps paid homage to their field of study in the most awesome of ways:


17. It's easy to feel like a super hero on graduation day.

18. "Does whatever a graduate can."

19. Most grads willl laugh at this one, then cry.

20. This grad wanted to remember all those late nights playing Nintendo.

21. Welcome to... Jurassic Park, graduation style.

22. It would be really cheesy to say this student transformed from a student to a graduate, huh?

23. This Daft Punk fan just won graduation with these LED lights.

24. While this Beatles fan used her cap to express worry about life after college.

25. This enterprising grad used hers as an opportunity to get her name out there.

26. While others used theirs to make sure family members who passed on could be with them on their special day.

28. There were grads who paid tribute to where they're from.

29. As well as grads whose caps reflected their culture.

30. This cap acknowledged the end with a smile.

31. While this one spoke for all graduates.