This Artist Has Created An Entire Room Made From Chocolate

Oh hell yes.

1. Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio has created a magnificent installation.

Video available at:

The artwork, entitled Stroke, involves an entire room coated in chocolate which visitors are allowed to touch and even taste.

2. 40kg of dark Swiss chocolate was used to cover the walls at the Jupiter Artland sculpture park near Edinburgh.

Jupiter Artland / Via

3. Speaking to the BBC about the installation, Gallaccio said:

The idea of a chocolate room is really fantastic, or fabulous, in a certain very specific kind of Willy Wonka way – this space is not that at all. But to me it kind of gets into your nose, it kind of triggers memory in a different way.”

4. She said the art piece could be “purely sensual, social, maybe political depending on your relationship to food, to chocolate, to pleasure”.

Jupiter Artland / Via

“For me the piece is more about desire and anticipation than really being in the room,” Gallaccio said in a video for the sculpture park.

5. “The idea of a chocolate room is one thing and the reality of a chocolate room is very much something else.”

Jupiter Artland / Via

The installation is due to stay on display until mid-July, with the chocolate slowly decaying over time.

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