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This Artist Has Created An Entire Room Made From Chocolate

Oh hell yes.

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Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio has created a magnificent installation.

The artwork, entitled Stroke, involves an entire room coated in chocolate which visitors are allowed to touch and even taste.

The idea of a chocolate room is really fantastic, or fabulous, in a certain very specific kind of Willy Wonka way – this space is not that at all. But to me it kind of gets into your nose, it kind of triggers memory in a different way."

She said the art piece could be “purely sensual, social, maybe political depending on your relationship to food, to chocolate, to pleasure”.

Jupiter Artland / Via

“For me the piece is more about desire and anticipation than really being in the room," Gallaccio said in a video for the sculpture park.

“The idea of a chocolate room is one thing and the reality of a chocolate room is very much something else.”

Jupiter Artland / Via

The installation is due to stay on display until mid-July, with the chocolate slowly decaying over time.