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Taylor Swift Makes Everyone Around Her Look Like Shit

The phenomenon explored.

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Taylor Swift is perpetually walking an imaginary runway. She has this rare condition where she always looks perfect. Unfortunately for people who aren't Taylor Swift, this means everyone around her looks like shit. She is always making everyone look like shit.

Exhibit B: Taylor has this pout that is ON POINT. Another one of her talents is bag posturing. Her bags always look effortless and weightless even though they're probably full of expensive shit.


Using that last photo and technology called "cropping" I will point out how Taylor makes the average person look like shit.


And this is how the average person looks. Normal people look where they're walking because they're afraid of falling on their face. Taylor Swift doesn't need to look because she isn't normal.


Another example of Taylor Swift leaving a restaurant. Normal people would look full, bloated, and have quite a few stains on their clothing...not Taylor though! She defies the laws of natural eating logic.


Please, Taylor. Stop the madness. You're making us all look like shit.