7-Year-Old With Cancer Gets To Beat Up His Favorite Pro Wrestler

Not going to cry. Not going to cry. Not going to…

1. This is Connor Michalek. He’s 7 years old and has had cancer of the brain and spine since he was 3.

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2. Earlier this year he made a video expressing his hope to meet his hero, WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

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3. Daniel Bryan is a popular WWE wrestler who currently holds the WWE Tag Team Championship belt along with Kane. He also has a pretty simple catchphrase.

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4. Connor has mastered the catchphrase.

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5. Even at his young age, Connor has gone through many surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo. And this week, the youngster — who likes to go by the wrestling name “Stone Crusher” — got to meet his hero.

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6. And he didn’t just get to meet Bryan. He got to “beat him up.”

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7. Connor got to use Bryan’s signature finishing move against him: “The No! Lock.”

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8. Daniel Bryan was incredibly touched by the experience.

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9. Watch video of their adorable meeting here:

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