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    Pro Tips For Avoiding The Most Common Scams While Traveling Leads The Daily Links

    Plus how to win at rock-paper-scissors every time, signs that someone is a cheater, and the top 10 hardest video games ever.


    13 common travel scams: the store scam, the deal scam, the change scam, and so on. Here's a list of the best pro tips out there! - [mental_floss]

    Geeks are Sexy

    The 10 most difficult video games EVER. - [Geeks are Sexy]

    Lost Lettermen

    Teddy Bridgewater promised his mom that he’d buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade when he became a pro football player. Spike Lee documents Bridgewater fulfilling his promise to his mother, Rose Murphy, a breast-cancer survivor. Excuse us while we have a short cry. - [Lost Lettermen}


    How to win at rock-paper-scissors—every time! Start challenging everyone you know for everything you want and HAVING IT ALL!!! - [Slate]


    This gun store owner—an opponent of gun control laws—has received death threats because of his plans to sell safer guns. (The gun will only fire if the shooter is wearing an accompanying wristwatch.) Because that makes sense. - [UPI] / Via

    8 things you might not know about cheaters and their cheaty little cheating ways. - [YourTango]


    Watch the first trailer for the Batman prequel series "Gotham"—if you don't feel all the feels after watching, well, you might not have any feels in you. - [Maxim]

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