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27 Reasons Why You Should Come Work With Us

These are just a few of the many benefits you would have when joining our awesome student affairs team!

RyRoify 2 years ago

Christmas Eve Stabbing Victim Reunites With Heroic Saviors

For every single act of evil, a thousand hearts will brighten to dispel the darkness.

RyRoify 4 years ago

It's A Giant Mutant Spider Dog


RyRoify 5 years ago
RyRoify 5 years ago

23 Quotes For Graduates Retold By Cats And Dogs

Let the pomp and circumstance begin!

RyRoify 5 years ago

13 Socially Awkward Animals With Ultimate Creeper Tendencies

Even our best friends in the animal kingdom do the creep.

RyRoify 5 years ago

Seals Are The Dogs Of The Sea

Get ready, it's sea puppy play time!

RyRoify 5 years ago

The Hamster That Will Save The World

In every generation there is a chosen one. A hamster to lead all others against the forces of darkness.

RyRoify 5 years ago

How To Live A Good And Happy Life

Sage advice from a super Corgi!

RyRoify 5 years ago
RyRoify 5 years ago

The Secret Origin Of Cats

Who are our feline friends and how did they get here?

RyRoify 5 years ago

25 Reasons To Love Regina (The Evil Queen) From "Once Upon A Time"

Dynamic, witty, and complex, Regina always leaves us craving more.

RyRoify 5 years ago

25 Bad Habits To Avoid Developing When You Live Alone

Because your mother taught you better. Besides, you might end up cohabiting with somebody again. And if it turns out to be a cat, you know it will be judging you.

RyRoify 5 years ago

Happy National Puppy Day 2014!

Celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives!

RyRoify 5 years ago
RyRoify 5 years ago

20 Australian Shepherd Puppies That Are So Adorable You Might Just Explode

Meet all of your new best friends! Australian Shepherds are a recognized herding dog breed of the American Kennel Club and have their own breed specific organization, the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). They are also SO CUTE and SUPER SMART. For short, they are called "Aussies" just like people from Australia.

RyRoify 5 years ago

Why Penny The Golden Retriever Will Make A Great Service Dog For A Wounded Warrior

Meet Penny. She's a Golden Retriever happily preparing to become a service dog for wounded warriors. (Pictures from Penny's Facebook Page!)

RyRoify 5 years ago

Los Angeles News Anchors React To Earthquake On Live TV

KTLA, CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC news anchors react and report during the 4.4 magnitude Earthquake. #ShamrockShake

RyRoify 5 years ago

It's Called A Donut!

Obama Knows Best

RyRoify 7 years ago

Lady Gets Eaten by Sea Lion

Central Park Zoo. This California Sea Lion was hungry. Never turn your back on wildlife.

RyRoify 8 years ago